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Welcome to LSEC, an internationally renowned Information security cluster, a not for profit organization that has the objective to promote Information Security and the expertise in BeNeLux and Europe. Founded by the University of Leuven (K.U. Leuven), supported by European Commission FP7 and leading a unique PAN European Private partnership that interacts with Public Institutions, LSEC connects security industry experts, research institutes and universities, government agencies, end users, funding bodies and technical experts who are driving national and European research agendas. LSEC activities aim to raise cyber security awareness, support innovation and competitiveness of the European IT- Security market and promote the visibility of its members.

AEP Networks

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AEP Networks is a leading provider of specialist secure end-to-end communication solutions to the Government, Enterprise and Service Provider Market. Our products and solutions are designed and developed entirely in-house and are the result of hundreds of man years of experience built during more than 20 years in the business. We operate in the Global Market and our solutions are to be found in over 5,000 blue chip customers in more than 60 countries world-wide.

Governments, Enterprise and Service Providers rely on our equipment for the ongoing support of their mission critical applications and networks. Our solutions are designed to enhance voice and data communications at their critical point of operation where security is paramount and where the consequences of loss would be severe. As a result, we often work in remote and harsh environments, where traditional multi-device IT infra-structures cannot be physically or cost effectively established.

Our in-house consultants support a number of high-end business partners, such as leading System Integrators and Service Providers, to implement our solutions. Our dedicated support organisation provides the ongoing maintenance and support of these critical networks.

Our success in these markets has been built on our willingness to work with our customers through every phase of the development process and beyond. As a result, our solutions have gained an enviable reputation as a flexible and thoroughbred key to a wide variety of security and networking requirements.

Our corporate core values provide the foundation for our business principles; AEP Networks is committed to continuous improvements in all that we do. Our success depends on the excellence of our solutions, customer values and solid reputation. We believe Your Business is important to you and you need to keep your business safe and secure.
Why AEP Networks?

•Reliability based on > 100 man years of design of security architectures at the highest levels
•Mature & proven solution-set, reducing risk and lifecycle costs
•Centralised management delivering scalable security without compromising operational flexibility or usability
•Choice of products to meet evolving requirements
•Trusted suite for implementation of security policy both in the network and at the edge at a granular user level
•High level of risk mitigation extends to security cleared design, implementation and support staff
•Business continuity for mission critical applications and enterprises Purpose built ASIC performance levels at line speed for real world applications

Value Proposition
Our Value Proposition is premised around four families


AEP Networks has an extensive portfolio of network management and reporting tools that are fully integrated within its secure communication solutions. They offer scalable, resilient network control and monitoring facilities to customers and they are designed to be intuitive, therefore requiring limited training. We have concentrated our efforts on making these management solutions easy to use for customers so that they have the ability to manage and re-key even very large systems quickly and accurately. Furthermore, the reporting facilities provide a high level of flexibility to suit the needs of each customer.

AEP Networks' Secure family of integrated security solutions includes centrally managed identity-based Application Access Appliances and Virtual Editions, Enhanced and Enterprise Grade IPSec-based VPN encryptors and Hardware Security Modules for key management. Our solutions address the most demanding security requirements of public-sector organisations and commercial enterprises internationally.

All AEP Networks' solutions are deployed to protect the core Public Sector infrastructure. The company's proven experience gained through years of securing communications on national and international networks enables it to apply high-assurance products and solutions to meet the exacting standards laid down by national security agencies and central EU institutions.
AEP Networks Service delivers a range of customer services that are customised to meet the exact needs of each organisation. These services include:

•Support Services – providing a 24 hour helpline staffed by highly trained technical staff to assist with all customer enquiries
•Professional Services – assisting customers with the complexities of implementing solutions and helping them to gain the greatest benefits from their systems
•Training Services – to ensure that knowledge is transferred to in-house staff
•Consultancy Services – for pre- and post-sales programme support

We have products and solutions that provide effective communication between sites in an enterprise network using a single telecommunications platform that aggregates and transmits two-way voice/data over almost any bearer (Terrestrial & Satellite). This means that customer sites on the edge of the corporate network are able to use the same equipment as other network users and receive the same level of communications. This enables us to help our customers to maximise operational efficiencies and lower TCO. To achieve this we use a flexible and diverse range of network interfaces and topologies and we make sure that we use existing assets wherever we are able.

Of course, organisations require their communication networks to be reliable, survivable and resilient. We employ a mature and proven solution set to reduce risk and minimise life cycle costs. Enforcement of network policy and remote user change management mean that our solutions are flexible to customers' emerging needs and our comprehensive solutions enable us to meet industry trends as they evolve. Furthermore, our seamless network routing means that we are never totally reliant on any one kind of network topology.
Who Uses Our Solutions
Our security and encryption products are accepted by the HMG's Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group (DIPCOG) and have been approved by the UK Government's CESG Assisted Product Scheme (CAPS) to Enhanced Grade and assured to ITSEC E3 standards. Our products and solutions are widely used by:

•Financial and Banking Institutions
•Mining and Minerals Exploration Companies
•Defence Organisations and Government Offices
•Telecommunication Network Operators
•Lottery and Gaming Organisations
•Emergency Services
•Multi-site retailers
•Meteorological Organisations
•Ships at sea

Global Presence
AEP Networks is headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey with offices in Santa Clara, CA, Ascot and Hemel Hempstead in the United Kingdom and Malaysia and Australia.


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