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NXP (founded by Philips)

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NXP is an independent semiconductor company with a fi fty-year history of providing engineers and designers with semiconductors and software that deliver better sensory experiences for mobile communications, consumer electronics, security applications, contactless payment and connectivity, and in-car entertainment and networking.

Focus Markets
Mobile & Personal
NXP's industry-leading Nexperia mobile multimedia solutions enable everything from high-end smartphones to ultra-low-cost handsets, as well as TV-on-mobile, connectivity (Bluetooth, WLAN, UMA), gaming, MP3 audio, MPEG-4 video, digital imaging and GPS location-based services – raising the bar for mobile multimedia performance..

NXP's Nexperia-based Home solutions and audio/video components enable manufacturers to innovate embedded multimedia features and next-generation, connected multimedia appliances for a connected living experience – making it easier than ever to enjoy and share multimedia content in every room.

NXP's contactless technologies are designed to track inventory, improve logistics and protect people's information-driven lives. Our technologies can be found in everything from Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Expertises that authenticate medicines, to e-ticketing systems that cut commute times and e-passports that fi ght identity theft and increase border security. In particular, Near Field Communication (NFC), a technology NXP co-developed, gives instant yet completely secure access to entertainment, information and services, so your NFC-enabled mobile phone can be your wallet, entertainment centre, travel guide and house keys.

NXP's Nexperia-based processors for automotive offer the same incredible sights and sounds you expect at home, with seamless connectivity to your personal media player. Our in-vehicle networking technologies like FlexRay make cars more responsive and safer to drive while our RF-based car access solutions can help you put car thieves out of business.

Multimarket Semiconductors
NXP has one of the largest portfolios of multimarket semiconductors in the industry, from basic building blocks like timers and amplifi ers to sophisticated ICs that improve media processing, wireless connectivity, and broadband communications. These are designed to save space, extend battery life, enable customized solutions tailored to customers' needs, and make it easy to implement last-minute changes.

NXP Software is a fully independent company and leading provider of software solutions that improve sound, voice, and video quality in mobile handsets. It is also a member of the NXP Partner Program for software, systems and design, so customers get direct access to their industry-leading options for Nexperia-based technologies.

One of the main supporting competence programmes which is located at NXP site in Leuven is Security. The programme is built around three cornerstones of security expertise:
- cryptographic algorithms, security mechanisms, protocols and services
- secure platforms (including software IPR protection)
- DRM and copy protection.

The team is currently most active on embedded systems, including DSPs, in the areas of multimedia, mobile infotainment, automotive, healthcare and well-being.


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  • type of institution:

    Products & Services

  • Market (country):

    US , Luxembourg , Ireland , Wallonia , Germany , UK , Flanders , Brussels , Belgium , France

  • Market (vertical):

    Transportations , Information Technology , Healthcare

  • Address:

    Interleuvenlaan 8

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  • Contact Phone:

    +32 16 390 612

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