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Regify - Trusted and Binding Secure eMail

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regify - Trusted and Binding Secure E-Mail
The regify group is an international provider for trusted and binding electronic communication and auditable and secure transactions. The company was founded by Kurt Kammerer (CEO) and Volker Schmid (CTO) in 2006 and focuses on secure exchange of documents and messages. The regify service combines the qualities of traditional registered mail with the time and cost savings and the simplicity of e-mail communication. regify users send and receive confidential data with their existing e-mail services without any additional efforts. regify ensures, that such e-mails are handled as registered mail. regify is the right choice for everyone who wants to securely exchange important messages. regify customers include companies, small and big alike, as well as public service organisations. regify users register with their provider of choice and can then use the service immediately. The regify service was developed for global use.

Registered e-mail transmissions
A system of confirmation of receipt makes regimail equal by law to registered mail.
In addition, regibill and regipay offer equivalent systems for the electronic transmission of invoices and payslips.

E-mail used to be considered too perfunctory and insecure. But now this has changed.
Various governments are taking measures to make this switch possible. In July 2010, the European Commission adopted a new directive to make e-invoicing equal to paper billing. This directive must be in force in all EU countries by 1 January 2013. The legal framework is changing and electronic mail is being upgraded.

There is also an evolution taking place on a technical level. Until recently, there were obstacles to a more official use of e-mail. The basic e-mail is as 'confidential' as a postcard, and thus doesn't comply with the rules. Specially developed systems are often cumbersome, expensive and not yet 100 % reliable. The services offered by regify provide an answer to all these issues.

For some of these reasons P&T Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Post, has chosen regify.

regimail, unique in its simplicity
With one click on a button you can send trusted and binding e-mail from your usual e-mail address. It doesn't matter who or where the recipient is.
Parcels still have to go by post, all the rest can be sent through your usual e-mail address.


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