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IBM Security Services offers a broad range of products and services, from consulting and implementation, to managed services. Our expertise and experience in various industries can also help you safeguard your information assets, pursue new business initiatives and identify potential problems before they occur.

Our services are among the most comprehensive in the security services marketplace:
Data security services
Identity and access management services
Physical security services
Security governance services
Threat mitigation services

We have shown that these services can be delivered quickly and consistently on a global basis to meet industry-specific client requirements. Does your company have a clear security strategy in place, and are you sure you won't be the next company in the media?
The IBM Security Framework

A business -driven approach to security is unlike a technology-centric approach in that the business goals drive the requirements in securing the enterprise. Organizations often take a bottoms-up approach to security because security solution vendors typically promote this approach to their clients. To close identified security gaps, enterprises broaden and bolster their defenses by continually building on top of or adding to their existing security investments. This technology-centric methodology often creates an excessively complex and disjointed security infrastructure.
Instead of trying to protect against every conceivable threat, organizations should understand and prioritize the security risk management activities that make the most sense for their organization. By understanding the level of risk tolerance within an organization, the IT team can more easily focus on mitigating risks that the organization can't afford to neglect. Overemphasizing certain risks leads to wasted resources and efforts, while underemphasizing others can have disastrous consequences.
The IBM Security Framework is designed to help organizations take a business driven approach on the security. The IBM Security Framework groups business security concerns into 5 domains of interest, as shown in the graphic on the right. The Security Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance component represents business concerns related to managing IT security. These "5+1" domains are brought together by a common approach to policy management, event handling, and reporting.

Application Securities : We can help you effectively leverage your organization's Web usage to the benefit of both your employees and your business-critical applications
Data security services : Protect sensitive corporate data with a risk-balanced strategy and leading data protection technologies
Governance, Risk Management and Compliance services : Evaluate and align your existing security practices with business requirements and operational objectives
IBM Managed Security Services (cloud computing) โ€“ hosted application security management : Support improved web application security with a cloud-based solution
Identity and access management services : Create and deploy identity management systems that protect data, systems and facilities from unauthorised access.
Security strategy roadmap for cloud computing : Augment your cloud computing strategy with a sound security approach
IT and network infrastructure security services : Enable flexible, intelligent IT and network security solutions to combat Internet threats Proactive protection with our broad range of industry-leading technologies
Managed security services : Protect your information assets 24x7 at a fraction of the cost of in-house security with Managed Security Services from IBM Security Services.
Security assessment services for cloud computing : Provide a security best practices gap analysis of your cloud solution
Security risk assessment : Help identify and mitigate security risks with a comprehensive assessment of your information assets


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    Our services are among the most comprehensive in the security services marketplace: Data security services Identity and access management services Physical security services Security governance services Threat mitigation services

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    Assurance , Consulting , Detective , Functional , Preventive , Products , Responsive , Services , Technology

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    For an overview of reference cases, IBM has an extensive library online available.

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    Tivoli, Informix, Rational, Cognos, Websphere, ...

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    Networking, Events, looking for partners, expertise

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    Business Partners, Customers, People

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