LSEC International Partners and Affiliates

LSEC is constantly exploring collaboration opportunities with other markets and international expertise.
Most of the LSEC activities are taking place in Belgium, hence our specific relations both to the community of companies specialized in Information Security products and services and to the people and communities from many companies of experts working in a variety of vertical markets such as Finance, Telecom, ICT, Government, Media, Healthcare, Industry, Pharma, ... Collectively LSEC reaches out on a frequent basis to almost 4000 individuals, with a specific interest in Information Security.

Besides all of our local activities, LSEC and its Expert Members are frequently present at events of our international partners, and reversely. We have established a mutual exchange of Experts and expertise on a number of topics which are of interest to our specific communities. There are participants of seminars, conferences, workshops, working groups and special interest groups from all Members across the different communities, being either more on a regional, or on a thematic level.

Hereby a short overview of some of the international partners :

KTN Cybersecurity - UK

The Cyber Security KTN is be the single focal point for UK Cyber Security expertise, to collaboratively identify universal challenges and develop effective response, influence UK investment strategy and government policy, accelerate innovation and education, harness and promote UK capability internationally and help improve the UK security baseline.
The UK already possesses a wealth of cyber security expertise, within industry, academia and government, but the effort is fragmented and focused on point solutions by technologies and sectors. Only by joining together can we understand the breadth and depth of the cyber security challenge essential to planning effective protection and response. We need to provide a UK-wide focus to address challenges holistically; identifying the gaps in the work already being undertaken across the community and planning how to bridge them; unifying the pool of UK expertise in a manner which amplifies the efforts of the community and makes the results more accessible to all.

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