Europe's Security Market
Europe's Cyber Security Market is projected to be among the fastest growing segments of the IT- sector in the next 5 years. Significant investments are expected to protect vital infrastructures; funding opportunities are available to improve the competitiveness of the European IT- Security market, public- private partnerships bring together local & international stakeholders from academia, governments, private institutions and industry experts. Cyber security has claimed its rightful place on the European agenda, opening new opportunities for all stakeholders. But: They need access to proper security research, sufficient critical mass to connect with EU Institutes & renowned security clusters, and pro- active platforms that will help them achieve their overall objectives.

Our vision
Security experts, universities and research institutes must remain closely linked with local markets and offer products & services that fulfill customer requirements. From a bigger perspective, they and all other stakeholders – public and private -, must work collectively and cross- border to raise security awareness, identify cyber threats and create counter measures that improve the resilience of Europe's critical information infrastructures and networks.

Our Mission
LSEC provides an international platform that unites security stakeholders, stimulates collaboration and enables high tech entrepreneurship. This will help researchers understand industry needs, help Industry access the IT security research that they need, and help ensure that fundamental research is translated to sustainable solutions.

For enterprises and government organizations (corporate members),
LSEC wants to:

  • Provide a single point of entry to a unique geographical concentration of e- security expertise and research capabilities
  • help them to influence new product developments and the IT- Security Research Agenda
  • help create security awareness and develop security competences within their organizations

For security companies, research institutes & academia (expert- and academic members),
LSEC wants to:

  • Help them understand the needs from the user community
  • create opportunities to connect with the market / reach out to the industry for joint research projects
  • help them connect with European networks and benefit from research and research opportunities

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