LSEC Annual Meeting 2016: Open Innovation & Collaboration - Invitation Only -

This event is based upon invitation only; the detailed calendar is not public. Lifting a little corner of the veil, you can expect:
- New initiatives to boost the European Cyber Security Landscape and business opportunities
- Open innovation actions, working together with government, security industry, and end users
- CISO Panel Discussions, elaborating on main challenges now and in the future
- High level cyber security representatives from Government, the User Community and Academia

Slides used during the Debates & Panels :

Scenario 2020 by the Center for Cybersecurity : 

High level Agenda of the Day:

10:00-12:30: Belgian Cyber Security Council - Closed Meeting
with special guest Elly Van Den Heuvel, Secretary to the Dutch Cyber Security Council

12:30-14:00: Annual General Meeting - Closed Meeting -
Audience: LSEC Members Only
12.30-13.00: Welcome
13.00-14.00 Sandwich Lunch and AGM- Annual General Meeting
14.00-14.30 Coffee Break and welcoming the CISO’s and LSEC- Friends

14:00-19:15: Annual Meeting - Invitation Only -
Audience: LSEC-Members, affiliated CISO’s, Partners & Friends
14.30-15.30: The Cyber Security Flanders Initiative, reaching out to Europe and Beyond
15.30-17.30: Disruptive Innovations & Research, open innovation with Industry & End Users
17.30-18.15: Cocktail Drinks
18.15-19.15: CISO Panel Discussion: Cyber Security Challenges

19:30-Late: Dinner & Football Match Belgium vs Sweden
Audience: LSEC-Members, affiliated CISO’s, Partners & Friends

Location & Registration:

Kasteel van Horst

Kasteel van Horst / Horst Castle
Horststraat 28
3220 Holsbeek

Horst Castle? That’s a true gallant party castle, hidden between the beautiful green hills of the Hageland. It has remained its authentic state since the last aristocratic owners left it. And one sure can tell: unique ceiling plasters, a medieval tower that rises and shines in the castle pond, waiting for you to be discovered. After all, Horst Castle bursts of great stories, so high time for you to find them out. Not only the Castle and its inhabitants, but the frogs and the trees, too, have stories of their own. Around the Castle a beautiful area of woods, ponds, meadows and fields with hollow roads expands. The entire site covers about 113 hectares, which makes it ideal for a long walk during lunch- time.

This event was invitation only. 

Slides and discussion papers can be downloaded upon registration, or using userid and password. 

Slides used during the Debates & Panels :

Scenario 2020 by the Center for Cybersecurity : 


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