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LSEC is supporting IoT technology development, Enterprise IoT and Industrial Internet 

The Internet of Things is the internet of connected smart sensors and objects with an internet connections such as home automation devices for lightning, domotics; but also connected cars and the connected industry. LSEC's experts have been focusing for the last years in enabling security measures for Enterprise IoT and Industrial IoT. LSEC experts can provide advisory services and technology for embedded systems and technologies. 

Some more documentation on LSEC's IoT activities can be found : 


Upcoming events and activities on IoT, Industrial Internet and : 

April 30th : 2015, the year all things break loose, the second IoT activity, with an interest in Security and Privacy of the Embedded Devices and platforms

May 28th : Industrial Automation Security 2015, how security systems are being put in action in industrial environments and how they are impacting the business


Documents and White Papers available : get yourself informed with this collection of relevant recent documents and materials.



Future programs for IoT:

LSEC is launching the 3IF project in May 2015, a program to support the transformation of manufacturing companies towards becoming factories of the future, by utilizing smart sensors, IoT technologies and components. For more information stay in touch with LSEC and www.3IF.be



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Cyber Security has been a main theme for LSEC for almost a decade. The LSEC expertise varies from policies, system integration, tools and technologies, incident management, forensics, ... to risk management, communication and policy making. 

LSEC has been a contributing partner to the European Network and Information Security Directive (NIS), and has been a local awareness informer in UK, Luxemburg, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. LSEC Expert Members provide a series of excellent technologies, when implemented and operated correctly support the enterprise environment with early warning, incident management or detection of potential security incidents. 

Join one of our cyber security seminars, or look into one of the many sets of documentation we have collected from different experts in the field over the many years. 

Should you wish to organize an informative session within your organization, to start creating awareness, consider asking one of the LSEC experts to facilitate. 
You can also hire one of our experts to start up an internal awareness campaign, with supporting tools and materials. 

Upcoming LSEC events on Cyber Security related topics : 


You can call for an event to be set up. WIth enough attendees, we'll be happy to coordinate the activity in your environment or nearby. 

Schedule yourself in any of the Meet-o-Magic available dates, and we will update you on the progress. The day that has most interest with at least 35 motivated participants, we will be happy to host. 


You can also find more information in the following documents:


Cyber Security Experts and expertise : 



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Securing the Cloud for effective Enterprise Cloud Computing

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LSEC, the European ICT Security Cluster

LSEC is the European ICT Security Cluster. Started in 2012 in Belgium, the cluster is now active in different countries in Europe supporting its members and the development of the cyber security and network and information security market in Europe and beyond. 

In July 2014, the lsec.be website was transformed into a new platform and this migration resulted in a future grade information security knowledge system, and a networking hub. 
Some information which was published on the previous platforrm is still under the process of being tranformed, while latest and newest items are being added on a daily basis.

LSEC is a cluster bringing together SME's, large companies, knowledge institutions, entrepeneurs and security professionals in a community. 

We are a cluster to support the direct link between internationalisation and increased performance of SMEs. International activities reinforce growth, enhance competitiveness and support the long-term sustainability of companies. SMEs need to find the right partners to develop and produce globally competitive products and services. This calls for new forms of international cooperation that are often difficult for individual SMEs to manage on their own.

Clusters can act as real "springboards" for SMEs to help them getting access to global value chains and develop long-term strategic partnerships. SMEs benefit from specialised 
business support services of cluster organisations, such as through the organisation of international study visits, partnering or “matchmaking” missions that facilitate finding 
new partners outside their own region for research and prototyping as well as for bringing products and services to the market.

Cluster organisations can help enterprises, and in particular SMEs, to find international cooperation partners, raise their excellence, innovation capacity and their overall competitiveness.

The LSEC cluster has activities supporting these developments, and a series of reference cases with its members. 

Get in touch and join the cluster as an individual member, a corporate member or a core ict security member.


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LSEC for Security Companies


LSEC for enterprise & government


LSEC for academia & research institutes


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