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Industrial environments, manufacturing and other automation driven systems have been part of our core expertise for over a decade. LSEC is working closely with its Core Members and Individual Members helping them to not only improve the security, but also to better understand the opportunities and challenges the fourth industrial revolution (referred to as Industrie 4.0) might bring. For this reason LSEC has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, and is leading the efforts on bringing together available expertise on industrie40.vlaanderen and in the 3IF.be and Connected Factories projects. 3IF is promoting digital technologies in manufacturing environments, providing insights in the ICT developments allowing for breakthrough innovations and adapting to new business models and advanced customer demand. LSEC is on the edge of the digital transformation and provides insights into its impact on security; or reversely, indicating how the ICT security domain can embrace exciting new developments for the Factories of the Future. 

More information on the white paper opportunities for ICT security industry in the evolving industrial automation space, with links and documentation can be found  in of the 3IF.be website.

Join in for regular events and activities, such as inspiration workshops, security workshops and more. 

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Friday, 08 April 2016 07:56

LSEC Innovative Industrial Collaborations


LSEC coordinates and collaborates actively with its members in innovative industrial collaborations, where end user members and industrial ict security companies bring the best of their expertise, and learn about most innovative developments in Europe.  

3IF.be : Industrial Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet for manufacturing companies, industrial automation and industry at large in combination with security expertise for IoT: www.3If.be

IPACSO : Innovation Framework for Cyber Security & Privacy Innovations, IPACSO Innovation Awards and business support for ICT Security companies 

ACDCCTI : the European Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform, with over 10 million vulnerabilities exchanged, from over 750 sensors in 28 European countries. 

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Thursday, 19 March 2015 14:56

Internet of Things

LSEC is supporting IoT technology development, Enterprise IoT and Industrial Internet 

The Internet of Things is the internet of connected smart sensors and objects with an internet connections such as home automation devices for lightning, domotics; but also connected cars and the connected industry. LSEC's experts have been focusing for the last years in enabling security measures for Enterprise IoT and Industrial IoT. LSEC experts can provide advisory services and technology for embedded systems and technologies. 

Some more documentation on LSEC's IoT activities can be found : 


Upcoming events and activities on IoT, Industrial Internet and : 

April 30th : 2015, the year all things break loose, the second IoT activity, with an interest in Security and Privacy of the Embedded Devices and platforms

May 28th : Industrial Automation Security 2015, how security systems are being put in action in industrial environments and how they are impacting the business


Documents and White Papers available : get yourself informed with this collection of relevant recent documents and materials.



Future programs for IoT:

LSEC is launching the 3IF project in May 2015, a program to support the transformation of manufacturing companies towards becoming factories of the future, by utilizing smart sensors, IoT technologies and components. For more information stay in touch with LSEC and www.3IF.be



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IoT IoE Internet of Things Internet of Everything

Internet of Things, Internet of Everything the indication that the world is becoming increasingly more connected. All sorts of devices and appliances are getting an embedded or attached wired or wireless connection to the world wide network, allowing to receive sensor information and control the activities with an increased level of efficiency, effectiveness and automation. 




In this world of over 50 billion anticipated devices, of which the majority will be lit in Asia, Europe and the Americas, the challenge to secure both the activities and the privacy of the citizen are a challenge for consideration. 

LSEC is coordination various activities in this domain, including a working group, events and thought leadership. 

Some background materials : 

Internet of Things - 2015 the year all breaks loose event : 








(To be able to access these files, you will need to be registered as an individual member to LSEC. This is free of charge, but requires registration or login.)


The Internet of Things describes the concept of a world with different devices connected via the internet. This provides a great opportunity, not so much for toasters and fridges to be hyperconnected for no good reason, but especially for sensors, process automation tools, connected cars, industrial processing devices, home automation and healthcare monitoring. 

The world of things is expected to grow significantly towards 2020, with challenges related to the number of devices connected, typically without the current state of the art of security measures. As a result, the devices are not only becoming rogue access points in networks, but are also behaving badly - sensing, recording and transmitting sensitive data - without the owners knowing about this. 
On top, many devices have been developed with low level low cost components and open source instructions which have not been updated recently to the latest vulnerability challenges, sometime not even capable of being upgraded. 

As a result, similar to mobile security challenges, threats can be expected from device level, the embedded chips, up to the application layers where typically small webservers can be reached remotely. 
These devices can be hacked in to relatively easily, can be used as familiar access point to the rest of the network, or could even serve as trusted device internally while acting as a sensitive data transmission device. 

LSEC and its members have been building in depth expertise on the topic, both on the embedded layers, the wireless and communication protocols, the programming layers, secure software development, the (management and operation) platforms, and the applications. 

More information can be found at some of the recent activities and events held, or following the iot.leadersinsecurity.org dedicated page. 

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 00:00

Control & Protection

Control Protection

Control & Protection is a professional distributor of systems and tools for process automation & control systems.

Industrial companies and dynamic SME's found the road to Control & Protection already many years ago. Founded in 1976, we started to specialize in the distribution of electrical components for industry.
In order to effectively address the increasing supply of high-tech materials, with the highest demands in terms of service, we continue to invest in a specialized sales- and serviceteam.
Our employees continue to be up to date, thanks to a continuous training with the various suppliers and manufacturers.
As a result, they will be capable to offer a sound advise in the choice of products.
Besides the sales department of components, Control and Protection also offers services for study and developments of passive fire detection gear.

Support for Hard- en Software
PLC controls GE Intelligent Platforms and OMRON Electronics, with a team of support engineers to

develop the PLC Configuration
development of the schemes (CAD)
programming the PLC
start-up assistance

Command & Control Software:

Master Distributor for industrial software of GE Intelligent Platforms, with a team of support engineers in
Systeem configuration
Netwerk configuration
Hardware connectivity
Db connectivity
Aftersales service 24 / 7

Activities include:
Distribution of industrial electrical components for process automation and machine security
Import and distribution of switching and distribution appliances for high and low volExpertisee networks
Import and distribution of high and low volExpertisee test and measurement equipment
Import and distribution of Global Software Solutions of GE Fanuc

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