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IPICS 2016: EU's leading Summer School in Cyber Security
From Monday 04 July 2016 -  08:00am
To Friday 15 July 2016 - 05:00pm
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IPICS 2016: Europe’s leading academic cyber security summer school for Students and IT Professionals from industry,
with renowned researchers and professors from leading Universities.

IPICS: Intensive Program on Information and Communication Systems Security 

What is IPICS?
IPICS stands for Intensive Programme on Information and Communication Systems Security. The IPICS academic summer school is a two weeks course (July 4-15, 2016) held each year for undergraduate students in their final year, MSc Students, PhD students and IT professionals interested in a comprehensive overview and broad coverage of recent developments in “Information and Communication Security”. 

IPICS history
Originally, it started as an ERASMUS Intensive Programme activity. IPICS has been held, in several places around Europe (1998: Vienna, 1999: Chios, 2000: Stockholm, 2001: Samos, 2002: Samos, 2003: Malaga, 2004: Graz, 2005: Chios, 2006: Leuven, 2007: Glamorgan, 2008: Regensburg, 2009: Vienna, 2010: Samos, 2011: Corfu, 2012: Vienna, 2013: Samos, 2014: Lesvos, 2015: Lesvos).

This summer IPICS will take place at the KU Leuven, Belgium. Over the past decade, the topic “IT security” has worked its way from an add-on gadget and nice-to-have or nice-to-know-about, to an essential feature of the IT systems which our society relies upon. The strongly increasing dependability of our society on a working IT infrastructure emphasizes existing vulnerabilities and threats. Despite this fact, the average user’s knowledge of IT security is lagging behind the evolution of the threat potential. Within this summer school we address this problem in an intensive manner.

During the past 18 years, IPICS was well established in the academic community as the “academic European school on IT security”. This is mainly due to the experience gained through several years of cross-disciplinary discussions between experts from fields as different as, for example, “managerial aspects”, “cryptography”, “microchip design”, “embedded systems”, and “cyber crime


… a cross-disciplinary view of IT security
Security experts from a wide range of backgrounds address security from all of its facets, mathematical, engineering, legal, social, and managerial. Most of the lecturers have been involved in large projects and acted as consultants for industry or governmental agencies.

… a European culture of security education
The IPICS teachers have developed a curriculum for a European Master’s Programme on Information and Communication Security within the framework of the Erasmus Programme. The last years IPICS have been the platform for developing education in IT security and keeping pace with new emerging threats to the networked world.

… stimulating research, development and exchange
Participants come from a mixed background – from business informatics to IT engineering – with different competences and varying knowledge. IPICS will take place in a very inspiring academic atmosphere where students and teachers meet to discuss recent advances in the security of information and communication systems.



IPICS 2016, July 4 till July 15
Hosted by the Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (COSIC) research group, KU Leuven at Leuven, Belgium
For more information & Registration visit the COSIC Website and Event Page

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