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CIMA - Cyber Security Industry Market Analysis, Ericsson HQ - Stockholm Sweden
Friday 08 September 2017, 08:30am - 02:00pm
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Europe's cybersecurity market is estimated at 160 billion euros in 2016. In view of current and future challenges & opportunities, the European Commission has commissioned PwC & LSEC to conduct an analysis of the market to better understand the current Swedish, European and global cybersecurity market landscape. 

Are you a.....

o Supplier, offering Cyber Security Products or Services in Sweden?

o Government agency or corporate ‘end user’ located in Sweden, buying Cyber Security Products or Services?

o Government – or other association, involved in developing – implementing the Swedish Cyber Security Strategy and / or how to handle the threats associated with cybersecurity?

o Government department for Industry & Trade, interested in hearing about the ‘Swedish versus global’ trade and export perspectives, and learning about Cyber Security as an opportunity for economic growth? are invited to attend a workshop presenting the first quantitative results of this analysis and to share with LSEC and subsequently the European Commission your perspectives, needs and challenges. A draft has already been presented within ECSO (European Cyber Security Organization); country workshops are being held in France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Poland & Greece. The CIMA Workshop in Sweden will be made jointly with Ericsson; that provides a keynote on the role of Cybersecurity for the future..

Why Participate?

• First opportunity to view the research data from the project:

o Take away the latest 2016 Swedish’ data and its global context from the study which includes: market segmentation, employment, company numbers, in-country sales, import and export data plus other data….:

o What are the main focus areas and trends in privacy and cyber security threats, technologies and suppliers; at member state – national, European- and global level ?

o Who are the ‘big spenders’, what products and solutions are they buying, and what part of that they are importing from outside Sweden and Europe?

o CIMA operates based on a deep taxonomy. As a result, you will be able to hear what products and services are being offered and bought at a very detailed level

o CIMA presents data at the European level, but also deeper on a national level of the member state where we are organizing the workshop (Sweden in this case)

• Share your views and discover the opportunities for your company in a National, European and global context:

o Share your views, needs and issues during the workshop part of the session, that we will capture and use for recommendations for policy making and supporting activities of the European Commission, national policy makers, funding bodies and supporting associations

o Discover the European Commission's plans for stimulating the cybersecurity market: segments, actors, trends, product categories and services, nomenclature ...

o Hear about the objectives, program and opportunities of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) with a proposed budget of €1,800M (!)

• Attend a high level and balanced program:

o Presenting valuable, relevant and actionable data of the Cybersecurity market, for suppliers, end users and government agencies

o Providing the opportunity to share your views and have an impact on the strategic agenda of the European Commission

o Putting the ‘virtual’ data in perspective with inspiring ‘from the real world’ Keynotes


o 08.30-09.00 Welcome & Registration

o 09.00-09.45 Keynote: Global issues with Cyberscurity and how fundamental it is for the digital transformation that will define tomorrows industry and society landscape, by Erik Ekudden, CTO at Ericsson

o 09.45-10.15 Cybersecurity Industrial Market Analysis [CIMA] presentation, by Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO at LSEC

o 10.15-10.30 Coffee Break

o 10.30-12.00 Cybersecurity Industrial Market Analysis [CIMA] presentation continued

o 12.15-12.30 Coffee Break

o 12.30-14.00 Cybersecurity Industrial Market Analysis [CIMA] workshop, facilitated by Ulrich Seldeslachts and Wim Stoffelen from LSEC
- Validating the data from the CIMA Research
- Potential support actions to the Swedish Cyber Security Community & Policy Makers

o 14.00-15.00 Optional sandwich lunch

Practical Details & Registration:

CIMA - Cyber Security Industry Market Analysis
Friday, September 8th , from 08.30pm till 14pm
Ericsson HQ
Conference room: Hilda
Torshamnsgatan 21
Kista, Stockholm, Sweden

Participation to this event is free of charge upon prior registration via the event registration page, with special thanks to our partner and host of the day: Ericsson


Cybersecurity is fundamental to communications networks and have been carefully built in in standards and products over past decades of communication generations, with Ericsson driving this evolution. Going forward towards 5G, IoT and digital transformation of industry and society the cybersecurity aspects becomes even more crucial, therefore Ericsson focusses world class efforts of research, standardization and product development to ensure the cybersecurity requirements of the future will be met through our products and solutions. As part of this Ericsson is participating in ECSO through most of its working group and are also elected to the ECSO Board of Directors. See:

About the CIMA Project

o Background / context: Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union

One of the five strategic priorities of the 2013 Cybersecurity Strategy of the European Union is to develop industrial and technological resources for cybersecurity. This study is to support to the development of a cybersecurity industrial policy initiative. Such an industrial strategy for cybersecurity should seek to stimulate the take-up and the supply of secure ICT solutions in Europe to improve the overall security of our ICT systems, thereby limiting the risk and the impact of cybersecurity incidents, while increasing consumers' and citizens' trust and fostering the EU digital economy. The purpose of this study is therefore to assess how cybersecurity challenges can become a EU competitive advanExpertisee and propose a European industrial cybersecurity roadmap. In addition it should also investigate how the cybersecurity industrial tissue in Europe needs to be developed to support the European organisations, governments, infrastructures, enterprises, services and manufacturing industries.

o The final report will be made available for participants and would contain information about :

• The European cybersecurity market and its comparison with other relevant markets.
• The cybersecurity products and services catalogue and an analysis of what products and services require attention taking into account the NIS directive, the existing GAP in the market and the upcoming trends and threats.
• The topology of the European cybersecurity market including the sectors segmentation and the market segmentation. It also includes an analysis of the demand patterns and the geographical market fragmentation.
• The intra and extra Europe market flows and the main barriers providers find when selling their products and services inside and outside the European market.
• The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the European cybersecurity market and also the main findings of this study, both in – and out of scope …

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