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CIMA workshop @ Cybertech Europe 2017 - Rome
Wednesday 27 September 2017, 02:00pm - 04:00pm
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Cybertech EU Rome2

Europe's cybersecurity market is estimated at around 160 billion euros in 2016. In view of the current and future challenges & opportunities, the European Commission has commissioned PwC and LSEC to conduct an analysis of the cyber security market in Europe in order to better understand the current Italian, European and global cybersecurity market landscape.

Are you offering Cyber Security Products or Services in Italy?

You are invited to attend a workshop devoted to the presentation of the first quantitative results of this analysis and to share with LSEC and subsequently the European Commission your perspectives, needs and challenges. A draft of this analysis has already been presented within the framework of the ECSO (European Cyber Security Organization). Workshops to present the results and inform the report are being held in: France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, and Greece during July, August and September.

Why participate? 

• First opportunity to view the research data from the project:

  • Take away the latest 2016 Italian data and its global context from the study which includes: market segmentation, employment, company numbers, in-country sales, import and export data plus other data….:
  • Who are the ‘big spenders’, what products and solutions are they buying, and what part of that they are importing from outside Italy and Europe?
  • CIMA operates based on a deep taxonomy. As a result, you will be able to hear what products and services are being offered and bought at a very detailed level
  • CIMA presents data at the European level, but also deeper on a national level of the member state where we are organizing the workshop (Italy in this case)

• Share your views and discover the opportunities for your company in a National, European and global context:

  • Share your views, needs and issues during the workshop part of the session, that we will capture and use for recommendations for policy making and supporting activities of the European Commission, national policy makers, funding bodies and  supporting associations
  • Discover the European Commission's plans for stimulating the cybersecurity market: segments, actors, trends, product categories and services, nomenclature ...
  • Hear about the objectives, program and opportunities of the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) with a proposed budget of €1,800M (!)

Practical Details & Registration:

CIMA - Cyber Security Industry Market Analysis at the Cybertech Europe 2017 Conference
Wednesday September 27th, from 2pm till 4pm
Cybertech Europe 2017 Conference
Convention Centre La Nuvola
Roma, Italy

Participation to this event is free of charge upon prior registration via the event registration page

Special Thanks to our Partner and Host of the Day:

Cybertech EU Rome2

Since 2014, Cybertech has served as the global meeting place for exchanging ideas, networking and business-to-business opportunities for players across the field of Cyber, with large-scale and boutique events held in Tel Aviv, Singapore, Fairfax, Beverly Hills, Europe, and much more. Cybertech Europe 2017 is your chance to meet technology company executives, start-ups, government officials and contractors, investors, leading academics and legal, media and marketing professionals changing the global cyber landscape. High-profile speakers and panelists will focus on the global cyber threat, and strategies and solutions for diverse challenges in sectors including finance, transportation, utilities, defense, and government to protect operations, infrastructure and people. From enthusiast to expert, Cybertech Europe offers something for everyone.

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