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GDPR- Plan to be Ready, Prepare to Set, Change to Go - Session 6: GDPR Bday Party
Friday 25 May 2018, 10:00am - 06:00pm
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Data protection and data breach notification are no longer a media relations issue or opportunistic PR choice: It is law, with fines amounting up to 4% of the organization’s worldwide turnover. Not complying to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can lead to a financial drain equal to breaking EU Competition Law; a devastating amount for any business! The GDPR will affect almost every business that collects or handles the personal data of any European citizen. The legislation is welcome news for consumers who will get more say over how their data is handled, rights to be forgotten and transparency of data breaches. For organizations, the far-reaching nature of the GDPR means every aspect of a business will feel its impact and, in places, entire processes will need to be replaced or set up from scratch. GDPR covers a wide range of issues relating to personal data, such as privacy, monitoring and security. It compels businesses to apply privacy by design, disclose personal data breaches within 72 hours and encrypt the data they hold.

LSEC GDPR Activities 2016-2018

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years…and we're here to make sure you're prepared ! Our aim is to provide at least 5 sessions where different aspects of the GDPR implementation will be investigated in depth, on the basis of the legal principles, experiences on implementation and indication which tools might be supportive of these implementations. The seminars are oriented towards DPO’s & other privacy officers, CISO’s, CIO’s, legal counsel, compliance officers, tax & audit, Company Directors, Business and Technology Managers, business people who should be involved in the data protection of their customers and partners. It is a unique combination of regulatory requirements, business impact and challenges for practice that we are focusing on, a difference from either the pure legal or technology perspectives. In a first session, on December 19Th, the aim is to present the basics and the general overview, already with some current challenges and ideas, followed by the detailed sessions in 2017 & 2018

Session 6: GDPR Bday Party & Cybersecurity and Data Protection Management with Digital Identities 


• GDPR birthday party
• Major Risks and challenges
• Data Protection Management with Digital Identities
• Help companies connect with European networks and benefit from research and research opportunities

Confirmed Speakers:

Keynote: Richard Weaver, Global Data Protection Officer of FireEye [US]
Richard Weaver is the Global Data Protection Officer of FireEye. Prior to FireEye, Richard was Subject Matter Expert on the Privacy Act, E-Government Act, and Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations (NIST 800-53 Appendix J) for the Federal Aviation Administration, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Department of Health and Human Services), and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Studies. Special fields of expertise include: Compliance with EU Data Protection Authority Obligations/GDPR; Privacy Policies and Notices, Evaluation and Evolution; Evaluation of Data Partners; Merger/Acquisition Privacy Review; Product Review; Data Breach Planning; Privacy Threshold Analyses (PTA); Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA); E-Government Act Compliance

• Overview of the GDPR WP29 guidelines and consultations. Reviewing their main "surprises" and "non - surprises"; by Laurie – Anne Bourdain, Senior Privacy Manager at Sony
The aim of these guidelines from the Article 29 Working Party is to clarify the relevant provisions in the GDPR in order to help organizations comply with the GDPR's requirement for certain controllers and processors to designate a DPO, but also to assist DPOs in their role. The guidelines also provide best practice recommendations, building on the experience gained in some EU member states. The WP29 will monitor the implementation of these guidelines and may complement them with further details as appropriate. Laurie- Anne will present an overview of the guidelines and also highlight main surprises.

• GDPR Implementation @ UCM, by Anne Mikusinski, legal councel at UCM [ via LSEC Member Excellium Services ]
Starting with the GDPR Implementation in 2016, Anne will highlight approaches, pitfalls and success during the course of the project

• Identity - Based Decryption - Security that follows the Data, by Symantec

Nick Caley, Vice President Privacy & Security at ForgeRock
With twenty years' experience covering all aspects of Information Security, Nick Caley has advised global clients in industry and government on security strategy and the operational capabilities that enable organisations to protect their most valuable assets. With ForgeRock, Nick is responsible for Financial Services and Regulatory with a focus on guiding organisations to deliver successful outcomes beyond compliance with GDPR, PSD2 and Open Banking.

• Enterprise-level identity management and governance approach to meet GDPR compliance across enterprise applications & data; by Wim Feyants, Identity and Access Governance Expert at IBM

SAP Role concept: The key success factor for GDPR compliancy and User Provisioning process in SAP environments, by Johan Hermans, CEO at CSI - Tools

• Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO of LSEC, chairman of the day

Ulrich Seldeslachts is the executive director of LSEC, a not for profit industry association focused on Information Security in Europe, based out of Belgium. Since 2012, LSEC has been leading industrial developments in transactional security and cyber security. Based upon its prior expertise in IT Systems Security and cyber security, LSEC is playing an active role in the development of security policies and practices in the domain. Prior to LSEC, Ulrich was responsible for the corporate development of a US-European Broadband wireless operator, a broadband internet operator, a security engineering company, and many other innovative projects. He is a corporate advisor to various VC’s in security, telecoms, ICT and media. He works as an independent columnist for various professional publications. Ulrich holds a BA in Communication Sciences, postgraduates in Computer Sciences and Economics and an MBA from LBS

Practical Details & Registration:

GDPR Bday Party & Cybersecurity and Data Protection Management with Digital Identities
Friday, 25th of May at the IBM Innovations Center
Bourgetlaan 42
1130 Brussel, Belgium

Pricing & Registration:

  • End users [Data Protection Officer, Privacy & Security Manager or other related expert working within a company that is subjected to the GDPR]* = Free entrance 
  • Suppliers [Technology Vendors, Consultancies] = 350 € (excl. VAT)
  • Suppliers that are LSEC Members = Free entrance 

You may confirm your participation via the Event Registration Page

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