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Takedown Conference: Solutions against Organized Crime and Terrorist Networks
Tuesday 20 November 2018, 09:00am - 05:00pm
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Takedown Project: Developing Effective Solutions against Organized Crime & Terrorist Networks

Organized Crime and Terrorist Networks (OC/TN) are major challenges for the EU. Many different stakeholder groups are involved in creating awareness, preventing, identifying and intervening in case of risk or threat. But in order to develop better strategies and instruments, we still need a deeper understanding of these phenomena. TAKEDOWN creates new insights on OC and TN by using a multidimensional modelling approach including social, psychological, economic and cultural aspects as well as prevention activities and response approaches. Based on these insights, practical toolkits as well as an Open Information Hub will be developed for practitioners and the public. A digital Solutions Platform will furthermore aim at increasing the cooperation between law enforcement agencies and security solution developers. With this multi-level approach, the project will not only enhance the knowledge an OC and TN, but it will also develop digital and non-digital toolkits as well as solutions for more efficient and effective prevention, intervention and response strategies

Takedown Objectives:

  • ANALYSE the body of scientific knowledge on organized crime and terrorist networks
  • CREATE toolkits for first line practitioners, law enforcement and policy makers
  • UNDERSTAND the social, psychological and economic aspects of OC and TN
  • PROVIDE dynamic and multidimensional models as a basis for developing digital and non-digital solutions
  • BUILD an intuitive Open Information Hub for practitioners and the public
  • DEVELOP a digital Solutions Platform including selected third party content

Takedown Conference

Currently, most of the practitioners have a great deal of expertise, but are use many different practices, depending on their formation, training or level of technical expertise. In order to come to a level plain field in investigative work, standards for exchange of intelligence and the assurance of evidence are being debated. Many of these discussions however, are at a high industrial or policy level. Many of the first line practitioners are usually not capable of being properly informed, resulting in difficulties in communication and delays in the resolution and investigations of criminal activities.

The Takedown Conference brings together Magistrates / prosecutors involved in Organized Crime and Terrorist Networks, Law Enforcement / LEA – investigators – team leaders –, Researchers and Analysts, to share best practices and expand the ecosystem and joint platform; for developing effective and efficient security solutions against organised crime and terrorist networks. To guarantee open discussions, attendance to this workshop is invitation only. Did you not receive an invitation, and think that you could add value? You may register via the event page; we will monitor the registrations and let you know if you are accepted.

Intended Audience & Speakers [Undisclosed and include representatives from]:
• Law Enforcement
• Counter terrorism & - organized crime
• Prosecutors Offices
• [Cyber-] crime Police Units
• Researchers
• Industry research experts
• Training experts

Practical Details & Registration:

Takedown Conference
Tuesday, 20 November from 09am till 5pm in Brussels.

Registration via the event page, LSEC will monitor the registrations; your participation is guaranteed after confirmation from the event organizers

Backgrounder & about the TAKEDOWN project
European Action against Organized Crime & Terrorist Networks

Takedown updated version2

Organized crime (OC) and terrorist networks (TN) are major threats for the European Union and its population. On the one hand, the number and value of assets confiscated from organized crime are more and more increasing in Europe, which indicates its rise in Europe and its challenge of the legal economy or tax base of many nation states. On the other hand, Europe is facing an increasing number of individuals, who are recruited as foreign fighters or for terrorist attacks within Europe. In addition, the direct implications, an atmosphere of fear is created. Additionally, the economic costs for prevention and fighting OC and TN are increasing. This is particularly relevant in times of austerity measures, when the reduction of integration programs and support of marginalized groups is increasing the boundaries between the milieus. Even in allegedly “egalitarian” societies, the entrenchment within societies is increasing and producing classes of “left-behinds” with no chance for upwards social mobility. And it is often young people with no future perspectives, who are at risk of becoming engaged in criminal organizations or in terrorist networks. It is the combination of these challenges and respective policies, which are ultimately challenging social cohesion in Europe.

Towards such field is devoted TAKEDOWN (, a European Research project, where 18 European partners (ranging from Academy, Industry and Law Enforcement Agency) aims to analyze and get a deeper knowledge on OC and TN, in order to advance the State-of-the-art and providing more effective digital and non-digital solutions for first line practitioners, law enforcement agencies and policy makers. The project is supported by the European Commission Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme

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