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CTI2019: Situational Awareness, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Data Mining in Practice
Wednesday 23 January 2019, 10:00am - 06:00pm
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LSEC’s annual CTI Conference has been the premier forum for CISO’s, CERTS & CSIRTS security managers and experts, bringing together like-minded practitioners to discuss how they can and are maximizing the potential of threat intelligence. To facilitate and ensure open discussions (Chatham House Rules), attendance is restricted to SOC Managers, CERT and CSIRT teams & CISO’s representing Critical Infrastructure Operators & Vital Sectors; ISACs [Sharing Information Sharing and Analysis Centers]; National Cyber Security Centers & Government Institutions; and LSEC Members active in Cyber Threat Intelligence Operations or Research.

CTI 2019: Threat Intellligence in the Context of
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Security Orchestration and Intel Sharing
Organized by LSEC in Partnership with the Cyber Security Coalition InterCSIRT Working Group, Hosted By IBM

Moving beyond the hype is where the challenges are. Understanding your environment, the threat landscape and accurately predicting and responding to potential problems that might occur are more than ever crucial in today’s CISO operations. Many new approaches and technologies have been introduced to support these efforts, but what is the status quo here? CTI2019 will evaluate Threat Intelligence in the context of / as a driver for other technologies, including security orchestration, artificial intelligence & machine learning and intelligence sharing.

Highlighted Registered Participants include experts from ENISA,, Federal Police, NATO, Colruyt Group, Proximus, Citco Bank, GÉANT, ING, , KBC, Belfius, ULB, Brussels Airport, BNPParibasFortis, Proximus, Engie, Federal Police, KBC Group, BBVA, ING, KBC Group, SD Worx, KBC Bank, Belfius, EURid, Federal Police - DJSOC/FCCU, CCB /, Eandis and many more....



  • 09.00 : welcome coffee - registration - opening exhibit & tradeshow - morning coffee break
  • 09.30 : opening notes LSEC, CSC-intercsirt chair
  • 09.45 : opening keynote : Cyber Threat Intelligence for Defence Intelligence and offensive strategies. Insights into joint collaborations with civilian operations | Wim Mees.
    Major Wim Mees left active duty in 2007 in order to become civilian associate professor at the Military Academy at the Communication, Information, Systems and Sensors department (CISS), teaching courses on operating systems, distributed information systems and information security. Wim is currently professor at the Department of Communication, Information, Systems & Sensors and head of the cyber defense research unit. Wim is Belgian Representative in the Information Management Committee and voting member in the Information Systems Technology Panel of NATO STO [ NATO’s Science and Technology Organization].
  • 10.15 : Q&A
  • 10.25 : Results of two years CTI-EU Bonding : Cyber Threat Intelligence for the few and the many. CTI Maturity Model | Louis Marinos, ENISA
  • 10.50 : Q&A
  • 11.00 : Implementing and integrating Cyber Threat Intelligence in SOC and CERT operations using STIX2.0 | Trey Darley, Cyber Threat Intelligence Strategist CERT.BE
  • 11.25 : Q&A
  • 11.35 : Lessons learned from implementing threat intel teams across government and enterprise’ | Joep Gommers, Founder and CEO of EclecticIQ.
    Joep Gommers is a renowned security and intelligence professional from the Netherlands. Joep became known among security professionals after an article of his writing appeared on the technology-related news website slashdot on January 23, 2006, stating that "current approaches to Information Security are fundamentally wrong". With this, and other ideas, he gives talks at conferences, universities and communities throughout Europe.
  • 12.00 : Q&A
  • 12.10 : Sense and Sensibility of OSINT, tools, capabilities and impact - panel discussion led by | Matteo Bonfanti, Takedown Project and CSS, ETH Zurich
    - Joep Gommers
    - Louis Marinos
    - Wim Mees
    - Trey Darley
  • 13.00 : lunch break
  • 14.00 : Machine Learning approaches with CTI for Prevention, Mitigation and Defensive actions | Dominique Dessy, Splunk
  • 14.30 : Q&A
  • 14.45 : Threat Hunting - Identifying and disrupting cyber threats | Jamie Caffrey - European technical leader IBM i2 & Rafael Verhoogen - Solution Specialist IBM i2 intelligence:
    Organizations are experiencing new and evolving cyberthreats that are increasing in both sophistication and frequency, often overwhelming Security Operation Center (SOC) staff. In response to the new challenges, threat hunting is a developing security practice that focuses on proactively detecting and isolating advanced persistent threats (APTs). Jamie is European technical leader for IBM's i2 intelligence solutions and works with IBM customers in two core domains; Public Safety and Intelligence and Cyber Threat. As solution specialist at IBM's i2 unit Rafael has been focusing on Counter Fraud Management and Public Safety.
  • 15.15 : Q&A
  • 15.30 : Coffee Break
  • 16.00 : Technical Collection and Research: Crimeware intelligence lifecycle, from sources to report | Matthieu Kaczmarek, Senior Researcher at FireEye
    Matthieu is Senior Researcher at FireEye in the Technical Collection and research Team, that tracks cyber-crime with a particular focus on botnets and financially motivated actors. During his presentation, Matthieu will describe the intelligence lifecycle from source to sharing; explaining how things flows and are orchestrated, underlining where automation, statistics and small ML are of relevance, and where he would like to introduce more IA. He will illustrate this with some examples from crimeware and actors that his team tracks.
  • 16.30 : Q&A
  • 16.45 : The myth and reality of today’s AI. Setting the right levels of expectations towards the use of machine learning, advanced analytics and AI. Are there ways to improve and how to learn from the machine’s attitudes towards false positives | Johan Loeckx, Assistant Professor / Lab Manager at the Artificial Intelligence Lab Brussels
  • 17.15 : Q&A
  • 17.30 : Round-up Notes & Discussion
  • 18.00 : Network Reception

Level of Expertise: Advanced

  • SOC Managers, CERT and CSIRT teams, security analysts & CISO’s representing Critical Infrastructure Operators, Vital Sectors / Significant Market Operators
  • ISACs [Sharing Information Sharing and Analysis Centers]
  • National Cyber Security Centers & Government Institutions
  • LSEC Members active in Cyber Threat Intelligence Operations or Research

Practical Details: 

CTI2019, LSEC's leading annual forum for Cyber Threat Intelligence
Wednesday 23 January from 10am-18pm
IBM Innovation Center, Brussels
Restricted audience, enrolments will be reviewed by the conference organizers

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