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Manufacturing and Industrial CyberSecurity - Standards, Standardisation. - CF2
Wednesday 20 January 2021, 08:00am - 05:00pm
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More detailed information and the program can be found on the Connected Factories Program Webpage

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Preliminary Agenda: 

Relating to the activities of Connected Factories in supporting Digital Manufacturing Platforms and Digital Manufacturing.

  1. International industrial CS standard developments
    1. industrial cybersecurityISA99 – IEC62443 developments, Jim Gilsin, co-chair ISA-99, ICS Consultant for Dragos
    2. NIST 800.82, Keith Stoufer CS for ICSCIS – ICS, 
  2. European industrial CS standard developments
    1. IIoT – ETSI / SAREF M2M to SAREF4INMA developments, Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia –ETSI TC Smart M2M (tbc)
    2. CEN/CENELEC position, Constant Kohler (bc)
    3. ENISA Industrie 4.0 developments & CyberAct Certification, Dr Apostolos Malatras / Andreas Mitrakas – ENISA
  3. De Facto industrial CS standard developmentsPlatform
    1. I4.0 WG Sicherheit, RAMI Security model developments, Michael Jochem, Leider Arbeitsgruppe “Sicherheit vernetzer Systeme” (tbc)
    2. IIC –IISF, Sven Schrecker – AWSCSA,
    3. Taking Control of IoT - Hillary Baron, Research Analyst
  4. Manufacturing industry de-facto CS developments
    1. Namur, WG 4.18 Automation Security, Erwin Kruschitz - Anapur
    2. EEMUA, Stefan Kukula
    3. WIB, Tom Kuperij
  5. New approaches to Cybersecurity for Industrial Systems, best practices and considerations
    1. Software Bill of Materials – SBOM, Alan Friedman NTIA
    2. Reference Integrity Manifest – RIM, & RIMM, Steve Hanna Infineon, TCG
  6. Vulnerability databases & Responsible Disclosure
  7. And highlights and overviews of the
    1. Digital Manufacturing Project work on Cybersecurity,
    2.  European Cybersecurity for Manufacturing projects 
    3. related projects on industrial developments with Cybersecurity (INFRA, Electric Grids and Transport).


On December 17th, futher developments from IEC62443 and SBOM will be presented at the CSfR2020

On January 20th, different European projects and experts from the Digital Manufacturing Platforms, the Cybersecurity Manufacturing projects and projects related to Cybersecurity for Infrastructure such as Energy and Transport will also be invited to present their ongoing activities in CyberSecurity for Industrial Systems. 


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A webinar on Standards for digital manufacturing was already organised in association with the ConnectedFactories Coordination and Support Action on Tuesday 20 October 2020 from 9:30 to 12:30 CEST  .  

The Webinar will focus on use cases and best practices that illustrate how standards are used in research & innovation on digital manufacturing. Special attention will be dedicated to the added value as well as gaps and needs. 

Please find the agenda of the Webinar on October 20th here.

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Webinar on CyberSecurity Industrial Standards. 



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