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CyberSec Global 2022 (online)
Tuesday 25 January 2022, 02:10pm - 03:20pm
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CyberSec European CyberSecurity Forum - CyberSec Global 2022

Is the bi-annual international forum on CyberSecurity from a policy, defence and security perspective.

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A successful digital transformation requires cybersecurity embedded into every part of the reality around us – and this cannot be done without the involvement of cities and regions, the most fundamental structures of modern states.
Regional and interregional cooperation is essential to ensure that cities, states and regions can enhance their cybersecurity, technological development and greater economic competitiveness, and as a result – fully realise their potential.

Initiatives such as the Three Seas will enhance regional economic competitiveness, secure a stronger, resilient and more inclusive EU, and showcase that Europe can be a global leader in fostering value-driven innovations.

Cybersecurity and digital resilience of Europe depends on the digital resilience of its regions. A drive towards a more humancentric and value driven digital transformation has to start there.


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Digital technologies have become key elements of our daily lives. Technological revolution, however, in order to be fully profitable for everyone, must be accompanied by appropriate cybersecurity measures and development. To keep up with the constantly evolving digital environment, the cybersecurity industry needs a boost in terms of investments, innovations and cooperation, especially in the form public-private partnerships. The European Union has acknowledged that and among many activities launched the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre in Bucharest. The new Centre has a chance to become an important step towards the European cybersecurity innovation system, by allowing businesses to participate in developing national cybersecurity capabilities and through the promotion of innovative research. Facilitating public-private and multi-stakeholder cooperation will provide expertise for the new European digital decade allowing the EU to fully realize its tremendous innovative potential.

Luigi Rebuffi

Secretary General, European Cyber Security Organisation
Mirosław Maj

Mirosław Maj

Vice President, ComCERT SA
Maria-Manuela Catrina

Maria-Manuela Catrina

Director, Ovidiu Sincai European School

Urlich Seldeslachts

Urlich Seldeslachts

CEO, LSEC Leaders In Security

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