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Azure Confidential Computing
Wednesday 30 March 2022, 11:00am - 12:30pm
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azure confidentialcomputing

Computing on Encrypted Data inspiration webinars explore different existing and potential use cases where solutions are being searched on how to get around the challenge of securing data by encrypting it, while still being able to analyse, improve and adapt the data itself, with different partners working on the data at the same time - without them being able to see the work or results of the others - unless allowed.

Guest speaker will be Tim Verbist, Cloud Solution Architect and Data Center Cloud Solution Architect for Azure Microsoft.



Confidential computing protects data in use. Confidential computing encrypts data in memory and processes it only after the cloud environment is verified to be a trusted execution environment, helping prevent data access by cloud operators, malicious admins, and privileged software.


Join in for some perspectives and use cases by Microsoft amongst other in Flanders, that might inspire your data sensitive developments and activities, to be empowered to support the business operations.


These events will appear every last Wednesday of the month as part of our COED activities of the Computing On Encrypted Data Project. 


Please register now for one or more of the up and coming sessions : 

  • March 30th, 11 AM :
    • "Confidential Computing in Azure: Microsoft’s vision on moving from computing in the clear to computing confidentially across the cloud and edge", by Microsoft, Tim Verbist Cloud Solution Architect


more announced. 

In between, we'll be offering regular workshops and support days for companies and organizations to get support on their developments, designs and conceptualizations for transacting on secured data. 

Please feel free to attend any of the upcoming webinars and stay on for another 30 minutes to discuss the use cases and business cases and get additional support. 


For an in person session, you can register here to get together with at least 2 other companies in order to get direct support on the conceptualization, ideation and technology discovery. 


Throughout the sessions, additional components and technologies will be offered and further explained. 


All webinars will be recorded and made available on the Computing on Encrypted data website. 

For attendance of one or more of the webinars, please register on the Zoom webinars platform.







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