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CyberSecurity deep dive for agile manufacturing, iot & robotics - IIoTSBOM - June 15th
Wednesday 15 June 2022, 09:00am - 12:00pm
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In TRINITY agile manufacturing, iot and robotics are key for developing demonstrators for future manufacturing. In the deep dive we consider different approaches and technologies that need addressing for agile manufacturing. 

CyberSecurity in agile manufacturing is key for a continuous, reliable production process and integer production results. 

In 2021 and 2022 ransomware have been mainly impacting manufacturing companies, and have caused production lines and companies to fail. 

With the deepdive, the intention is to inform participants on the clear and present dangers, today and towards the future. But also to provide insights on how to deal with challenges at stake.  Approaches such as technology remidiation, process optimization, but equally on how the supply chain can further improve in order to prevent ransomwares to happen
Following this, we'll give some insights on how the engineering - mostly unententional - includes vulnerabilities to their offering and how operators and providers of technologioes should be addressing those. 

IIoTSBOM aims to support end user organisations, machine and device manufacturers to further improve their security measures by supporting them with valuable knowledge and expertise in specific innovative cybersecurity means for Industrial IoT and IoT and by introducing the Software and Security Bill of Materials (SBOM).

To attend the online event via Zoom, please register on the Zoom-platform for this and the up and coming monthly webinars organized on the topic. 

The following agenda : 

User group kickoff (restricted - by invitation only) 
.30 : welcome and regsitration

09.00 : CyberSecurity deep dive introduction and State of the Union (Ulrich Seldeslachts, MD LSEC)
09.30 : CyberSecurity in agile manufacturing, iot and robotics from the trenches. Not connecting is not an option. 
10.30 : A holistic perspective on machines and devices, and how to exploit them from the perspective of a security analyst. 
11.30 : visit to the security analyst labs 
11.30 : workshop "under attack by ransomwares," how to prepare for an incident
12.00 : round-up

Next to technical measures for improvements of CyberSecurity in the software and devices, the Software and Security Bill of Materials aims to support companies developing devices to create a ledger about the software on the equipment, providing more transparency about the technologies being used and their respective versioning. This allows both vendor, system integrator and the final end user and their operators to get a better grip on the equipment they are procuring and need to operationalizer over time. 

Earlier successes in this approach have been proven in the healthcare and automotive domains and will be demonstrated throughout the activities of the IIoTSBOM project. 

The IIoTSBOM project will promote the available technical and CyberSecurity expertise to a broad group of target audiences and aims to facilitate the use of SBOMs for device manfucturing by supporting end users in their procurement; device and equipment manufacturers in their product lifecycle management for CyberSecurity and CyberSecurity innovators in developing tools and technologies improving CyberSecurity and the SBOM-proces. 

The resulting effect will be a better CyberSecurity Posture of the whole society.

Participating is free, after using the following registration link 

For more information, contact us at trinityproject or iiotsbom at, or call directly at +32 16 79 8585.  

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