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CyberSecurity AI & AI for CyberSecurity
Thursday 15 September 2022, 08:00am - 05:00pm
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CSAI in person September2022


About a decade ago, the first results of machine learning and behavioral analysis results for CyberSecurity became apparent in services and products coping against Cyber threats. 

Today, the use AI-tools is omnipresent in CyberSecurity. 

During this day, Thursday September 15th in Leuven, LSEC and partners will present some practical implementations of AI into CyberSecurity, present the basics of modern CyberSecurity defense mechanics, instruct on how to use Open Source components and where the key benefits can be discovered, but also explained on how the mechanics behind AI can be fooled and how to be prepared against potential advanced potential threats focusing on your AI-powered cybersecurity tools. 

The following companies and technologies will be presented in person: 


09.00h : welcome & registration

09.30h : introduction on the day AI & CyberSecurity - CyberSecurity & AI - introduction of CSAI

09.45h : CyberSecurity basics - discovery, detection and automated response, use of data and data normalization towards cloudification 

10.00h : Using AI in CyberSecurity with Microsoft Sentinels and Azure AI

coffee break

10.45h : Using AI in CyberSecurity with Google Cloud and Vertex AI 

11.30h : VectraAI, using AI for CyberSecurity and detecting unknowns, identifying the knowns and reducing false positives

coffee break

12.15h : panel discussion : the future of AI for CyberSecurity, what's next what can we expect from multivariate analysis, behavioral analytics, NLP and advanced ML

13.00h : buffet lunch 

13.45h : CSAI use case : AI in innovative CyberSecurity companies, optimizing detection of anomalies and malware in documents for Axsguard by ABLE 

14.00h : Use case deployment of cloud-based open source Intrusion Detection System with IBM Cloud and IBM Watson, IBM cloud, QRadar cybersecurity assessments and Watson AI capabilities

14.45h : CSAI use case : building a multivariate analysis of network and endpoint security events for false positives reduction, by SpotIT

15.15h : CSAI use case : using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for GDPR compliance and GDPR incidents, by

coffee break

15.30h : Future prospect AI use cases for CyberSecurity, VUB AI Labs

16.00h: workshops  : how AI can improve your CyberSecurity 

16.50h : converging ideas and next steps 

17.00h : signup AI trials with Microsoft, Google, IBM and Vectra, end of seminar, networking reception 


For registrations and participation, please follow the eventbrite platform


More information will be added following speakers inputs. 


Looking forward meeting you again in person in the following weeks. 



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