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Cyber Security Belgium State of Affairs - Political Debate
Monday 12 May 2014, 03:00pm - 06:00pm
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LSEC in collaboration with Agoria ICT and B-CCENTRE, together with Belgian IT Security partners and academic representatives organize a political debate on May 12th on the current state of affairs of Cyber Security in Belgium and the future developments in view of the upcoming elections. 

Following a private high level lunch debate  with representatives of leading Belgian political parties and experts involved in the Belgian parliament, the State of Affairs and future will be discussed and argued during a public debate in the afternoon. 

On a global scale, 2013 has been the year where cyber security started hitting the fan. In Belgium, the number of reported incidents already increased significantly, as well as the increase in crime. Some data loss events such as the ones with the public railways, but also ransom activities, large scale phishing attacks, and ofcourse the international espionage announcements by Snowden which immediately had their effect on the announcement of the largest Belgian known incident with Belgacom.

Where does this leave the private industry, the citizen and the sovereign states? What can be done, and what are the actions that all involved entities need to take. An analysis of the actual situation in Belgium and Europe in terms of cyber security strategies and actions, should raise concerns for the whole of the society. 

Besides the intention to the development of the so called CCB, the Belgian coordination center for Cyber related, adding some resources to the existing incident response centre, law enforcement entities, defense and legal powers; it seems that an overall coordinated strategy and perspective is missing. Or isn't it? In the current election fever, we were missing remedies in the programs of all governing partners and their opposition counterparts. 

To ensure that we understand rightfully, that a cyber security and information security vision on the future of Europe - its capital and the host country of the European institutes, NATO HQ and quite some other international institutions - IS missing, we wanted to ask the different representatives of the current political leadership. 

The following representatives have confirmed their attendance, following an invitation to a private lunch debate (noon) and to be followed by the public debate in your presence and by invitation:

• Georges Dallemagne (cdH)
• Roel Deseyn (cdv)
• Bruno Tuybens (spa)
• Karl Vanlouwe (n-va)
• Patricia Ceyses (vld)
• Marie-Christine Marghem (MR)
• Ronny Balcaen (Ecolo)
• Isabelle Emmery (PS)

With only 2 weeks before the Belgian mother of election days, we are grateful that these individual candidates and supporters for their respective political representation have taken on the challenge to discuss this increasingly important societal challenge. 

The organisers aim to continue this platform towards the future and create a public private collaboration model, where industry representatives can meet with their public counterparts, leveraging operational cyber security and cyber incident discussions to a next level. 
Belgium and Europe have a great offer in expertise and experience in the domain of trustworthy ict and cyber security, and Belgium and Europe need to cease this innovation opportunity to create a world leader in it security, privacy and cyber security.

This is an event with limited seating and requires reservation and confirmation beforehand.  The organising partners reserve the right to select the attendees, depending on seating availability. This will be on a first come first serve base, with a priority for Agoria, LSEC and B-CCENTRE members and partners. 

If you consider that you should be present, please enter your contact details and raise your question or concern in advance. The organisers will contact you to confirm your attendance.

 More information will be published shortly.



Practical Details : 

Brussels, Belgium, Diamant (tbc), Tuesday May 12th - 15h - 18h. 

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