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IAS 2015 - Industrial Automation & Security Belgium 2015
Thursday 28 May 2015, 12:00pm - 05:30pm
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industrial automation security

Industrial Automation Security Belgium 2015, Initiative of Egemin, Phoenix Contact, Siemens and LSEC 

IAS was established for companies that are involved in industrial- based process automation and control. Due to the constant evolution of control processes and automation systems, as well as their underlying platforms on which they operate, each day new possibilities are discovered that could pose serious security risks to those systems. IAS aims to inform them about the necessity to secure their systems, and to provide them with best practices and practical and actionable guidelines.

The possibilities offered to manage the systems easier and better, by evolving into modern capabilities ,by equipping them with new functionalities or by having multiple systems interconnect and work together, poses new challenges in terms of security. Legacy systems , or underlying IT systems already no longer be maintained for a long period of time can be a major threat . Only fully insulated systems can probably continue to exist , but they also will be subjected to external administration or changes eventually. The further automation within the sector (smart factories, internet of things, industrial internet,...) has lead to an increase of targeted attacks on industrial systems. For the proper functioning of the business, and to ensure the continuity of the activities it is important to evaluate the potential risks, assess them against your systems, and take proper counter measures.

IAS will present various models, methods, solutions and security best practices that can be used. This year's edition will include a special attention to the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things, their impact on Industrial Automation, opportunities that it brings and risks that must be mitigated.



Yves Vandorpe Siemens

Use case Oleon: Safeguarding the availability of your plant, now and for the future - Yves Vandorpe, Business Development Manager at Siemens 


walter auwers sirris

Factory of the Future - Walter Auwers, Program Manager Smart Production & Factory of the Future, SIRRIS

foto ulirch

3IF: A new innovation project supporting manufacturers in their transition to Industrial Internet, Ulrich Seldeslachts - Managing Director 3IF

Manufacturers today are facing big challenges ahead: High labor costs and the emergence of regions outside Europe has put revenue and market share under pressure. The introduction of new technologies has affected customer expectations in the area of time-to-market, performance of products and production, mass - customization and the evolution to co-creation. Also, the continuous automation of the industry has introduced new challenges with regards to industrial espionage, saboExpertisee, fraud, cyber security and even privacy. Through innovation to (safe and reliable) industrial internet, the sector can convert this revenue loss in growth. Industrial Internet will increase productivity and efficiency in the production process and improve the entire chain drastically. Processes will govern themselves, with intelligent machines that take corrective action to avoid unplanned downtime of machinery. Each mobile device indicates the status of any digital components within the production environment, providing employees mobile access to real-time information ... Sensors track the location of employees at the plant in case of emergency ... the possibilities seem endless…..Manufacturers in multiple industry sectors must start to innovate and make the transition in order to remain competetive. As will technology companies active in Industrial automation; and IT Security companies that are increasingly confronted with the challenges of protecting industrial control systems, production systems and production networks

 foto Lutz Janicke

Protecting industrial networks and connected devices, Dr.-Ing. Lutz Jänicke, CTO, Innominate Security Technologies (Germany)

Dr. Lutz Jänicke joined Innominate in February 2002 and leads Innominate's development efforts. He brings over 25 years of experience in electrical engineering and in the design and implementation of large software projects to the Innominate team. He is a recognized expert in security technologies and has been involved in many OpenSource projects. He developed the Postfix/TLS encrypted mail transport protocol (RFC 2487), among others. He is also a member of the "OpenSSL" development team. Lutz Jänicke is active on various committees overseeing IT security for automation applications. He is head of the "Security in Networked Systems" commission of the "Industrie 4.0" platform.


The TETRA Project: Supporting industry developing, installing and maintaining secure industrial networks - Jan Vossaert, Postdoctoral Researcher at KU Leuven

Jan Vossaert is working as a postdoc researcher in the MSEC research group. His expertise is in the domain of trusted computing solutions to increase the security of advanced mobile applications and embedded systems. He manages a IWT TeTra project that supports industrial players with the development, installation and maintenance of secure industrial networks. Four research groups are involved in the project and the user group consists of providers as well as users and integrators of ICS equipment. In his presentation, he will give a more detailed overview of the project and how it aims to combine expertise from different partners to facilitate securing industrial networks in the Flemish industrial sector

Dieter Sarrazyn Toreon

Dieter Sarrazyn, Managing Consultant and ICS security solutions specialist at Toreon

Most people know by now that industrial control system security is not as good as IT security. The top 10 of most observed security weaknesses and excuses is a proof for this situation. Nevertheless, ICS environments can be secured but needs a pragmatic approach which is tailored to the environment (taking into account assessments, pentests, "things that worked" ...). In this session Dieter Sarrazyn who has worked in both areas will outline how he has used this approach help in assessing and securing ICS environments.

About Dieter: Dieter has built his career in industrial environments and has gained excellent knowledge on strategic, tactical and operational level regarding security related subjects. He has worked extensively on the security within the industrial control system area including more than 6 years in a large electricity generation company. Within Toreon, he is the assessments team leader as well as the driver for the ICS security solutions Toreon offers. His main focus exists in performing penetration tests (as well external as internal), performing security audits, creating and evaluating security architectures, teaching Hacking Inside Out™, creating and setting up vulnerability management frameworks & tools. He deploys this expertise primarily in an Operational Technology (OT) environment, performing SCADA security assessments and securing SCADA environments. These activities are always part of a larger programme, aimed at reducing business risks. He has extensive knowledge concerning penetration testing, social engineering, infrastructure security and has the following certifications: CISSP, GCIH, GSEC, GXPN, GCIH, GSNA, CIRM and Scada Security Architect. He is also SANS Local Mentor and SANS Community Teacher.


IAS 2015 - Industrial Automation & Security BE
Thursday 28 May 2015, from 1pm till 5.30pm, De Hoorn, Leuven, Belgium
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