Your Onine (Social) Profile

With the Online (Social) Porfile Survey we would like to better understand some of the concerns, motivations and ideas that people have regarding leavin personal data behind on an online services, such as a private website, an online social network, or any other type of webservice. By quantifying some of these, we try to be able to understand the evolution of the social Internet and its implications for society, such as the protection of privacy. At the same time we would like to better understand what sort of applications you would consider require some more privacy protection than others. This survey takes no longer than 10 minutes. In order to participate, follow the Your Online Social Profile. This link takes you to another website that collects the data anonymously. All data are being collected only for the purpose of getting a better understanding of the current developments in the market. By participating, you will not only be sent the results of the survey, you also will better understand the number of people evaluating the different aspects and you can win a great 10.2 inch netbook, with sufficient memory and HD to allow you to update your profiles anywhere you go. Or if you're not to be the future road warrior, you will have a chance to win some of the other great prizes.

Information Security Survey

The general Information Security survey polls the interest of the general market on information security and tries to get a general understanding of the interest and size of the market in terms of information security professionals. To participate and be eligble to receive the results of the Information Security market Survey 2009 , this link brings you to the survey server.

Participating in any (or both) of the above surveys gives you a ticket to be able to win a number of great prizes

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