LSEC supports existing and new ideas on how to deal with ICT- OT- / cyber security challenges. LSEC develops industrial collaborations; creates programs, supports industry initiatives that unite security stakeholders and participates in research projects funded by the European Commission and other stakeholders.




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Supply Chain Security : IIoTSBOM - Software Bill of Materials project


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Computing on Encrypted Data - Privacy Preserving Security  : COED-project



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Artificial Intelligence and CyberSecurity  - Industrial Collaboration and discovery of cloud-based AI-services for CS : CSAI-project



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IoT CyberSecurity - Industrial Collaboration and discovery of vulnerabilities : IDIoTS-project



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Cybersecurity for Robotics : TRINITY project


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Digitalizing Industry Transformation : project


Supporting Belgian companies in their (secure and reliable) transition to Industrial Internet – Factories of the Future.

3IF stands for “Industrial Internet In Flanders”. During 2015 throughout 2019, LSEC and SIRRIS as main project partners will be developing a series of activities to support Manufacturing Companies, Integrators, Technology Providers, System Integrators, Security Companies and Innovators; in developing and integrating Internet of Things, Smart Sensors in Industrial Environments; supporting new business opportunities, identifying and mitigating challenges and positioning Flanders internationally. With 3IF, LSEC and Sirris aim to support manufacturers in multiple industry sectors in their transition to industrial internet, and help them to innovate and remain competitive. 3IF will also support technology companies and suppliers that are active in the domain of industrial automation; and IT Security companies that are increasingly confronted with the challenges of protecting industrial control systems, production systems and production networks. 3IF will organize awareness- and thought leadership events, create self- evaluation tools for companies to establish their current and desired technology - adoption level, help companies to create transformation plans, develop workshops, create an expert network in industrial automation, support companies in their innovation process….and much more.

The 3IF project will kick off May 28 in Leuven, with a seminar and presentation. Registration is free! For more information click here


Analysis of Europe's Cyber Security Capabilities & End User Requirements

The acronym FIRE stands for "Facilitate Industry and Research in Europe". It aims to improve European industrial competitiveness in markets of Trustworthy ICT. It aims to reduce the gap between industry and research by capturing the needs from the European user community and using them to inform the Research Agenda for the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission. The FIRE FP7 project has been focused on "Industrial & Research Challenges arising from User Requirements in Trustworthy ICT", by collecting end user requirements, an analysis of the research activities and capabilities and matching ict security industry roadmaps. The results of this project have been presented during the annual FIRE Conference in Brussels, October 13rd 2014.

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Part of Europe's Cyber Security Strategy: European pilot action against Botnets

The ACDC project runs over 30 months to July 2015. ACDC builds a European Anti Botnet center and Central Cleaning House, and develops a complete set of products and services from detection to prevention. These services are delivered to service providers and end users through national support centers of 8 Member States, interconnected to the ACDC central clearing house. ACDC intends to evolve beyond the end of the project into a sustainable European center for cyber-defence, building on the networked support centers and clearing house deployed during the project and enlarging the cyber-protection scope beyond botnets.

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Supporting European Innovations in Cyber Security & Privacy

IPACSO is a private consortium aimed at supporting Privacy and Cyber Security innovations in Europe. IPACSO supports innovators with methodologies and best practices in their innovation process, that will help them to find their road to market faster, more effective and more efficient. IPACSO creates a Framework that supports security companies in their innovation process, delivers innovation bootcamps, creates a repository of European innovative companies and solutions, and organizes the annual European Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Awards, to recognize those who are bolstering Europe's cyber security landscape.

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Supporting software companies to securely transform to a Business based on Cloud Service

Thanks to SaaS, companies can now reach a global audience instantly. In Belgium, many software builders are considering a transition towards a SaaS offering. Sirris, Agoria, IMinds and LSec joined forces to help Belgian software companies make this transition and securely transform to a Business based on Cloud Services.

For more information about the Nebucom project, click here

Are you planning or developing an innovative security innovation project and looking for partners to assist you, to build the project, or to support the project, as experts, end users or government interests? Feel free to reach out to LSEC. More than 800 companies are connected, and can be contacted through the network

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