Leuven, June 2017

LSEC is inviting its Members and all Cybersecurity services and solutions vendors in Europe to participate to the European Cyber Security Industry Market Analysis (CIMA), a study in collaboration with PwC Belgium and the European Commission DG CONNECT Unit Trust & Security . The study has been called for, to analyze the current European market landscape of Cybersecurity, in terms of size, markets, products and services, import - export, and many other considerations. Focused on getting a perspective on the whole European market of Cybersecurity providers of solutions and services, this study provided unique insights in the current landscape. 

LSEC has started a European roadshow with its findings, aiming to provide first level insights to European Cybersecurity technology and services providers. All organizations supplying Cybersecurity are welcome to join the debates and support the discussion on how to better understand the current maket dynamics, and interests in improving the situation towards the future. 

This activity is hosted by LSEC partners in various European cities throughout Europe during the summertime. 

2017 07 31 12 44 56 


Schedule of activities:  

Past events : 

  • June 6th : Fact Finding Workshop, Brussels, ECSO (European Cyber Security Organisation) 
  • June 28th :  Country Workshop Belgium. Leuven, LSEC 
  • July 4th  : Country Workshop France, Sophia Antipolis, Pole SCS
  • July 12th : Country Workshop UK, Malvern, UK Cybersecurity Forum
  • August 28th : The Hague, The Netherlands : (in collaboration with HSD - The Hague Security Delta)
  • August 30th : Bochum, Germany (in collaboration with ECO - European Association of Internet Service Providers) : nrw.uniTS, Bochum
  • September 8th : Stockholm, Sweden (in collaboration with Ericsson) : Ericsson HeadQuarters, Stockholm

Upcoming events - Country Workshops - Click to go to the event page and register (only limited seats available, first come first serve) : 

Register to participate in any of the workshop dates, and receive insights in the market reports in preview. 

Your contributions will be helping to shape the future European landscape for cyber security.

For media inquiries and additional sessions, please contact cima at lsec.eu.



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