LSEC has been developing and supporting ISACs since 2009. 

ISACs are Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Analysis Centres, a format of collaboration between industries, regional partners, different stakeholders that see a benefit in sharing cybersecurity incidents, threats, experiences in handling and managing cybersecurity technologies, tools and information, or organizing structures, people and infrastructure.

LSEC has been operating an Cybersecurity Industry ISAC since 2012, partially on the basis of a platform developed as part of a project called ACDC. ACDC was a European collaboration with more than 50 cyber security related organizations in Europe. LSEC coordinated the development activities in the project, leading towards a central architecture and decentralized sensors. Together with partners, one of the key deliverables was an information exchange platform on the basis of STIX, TAXI, that further evolved in an ATT&CK-based intel sharing operation. 

If you like to join our ISAC activities, if you like our expertise to start one or to be guided in the process to be setup together with your peers, don't hesistate to contact us at isac at, or +32 16 79 8585.

Join us together with our partners from MITRE, ENISA, FS-ISAC, Health-ISAC, the Global Cybersecurity Alliance, Global EPIC and many others in making this cyberworld a more trustworthy, safer and more cybersecure world to operate in.