Academic members of LSEC are universities / university departments and research institutes that conduct research in the area of IT- and Cyber Security. LSEC provides an international platform that unites security stakeholders, stimulates collaboration and enables high tech entrepreneurship. This will help researchers understand industry needs, help ensure that fundamental research is translated to sustainable solutions, and therefore make a better business for their research initiatives. Academic members are typically interested in connecting with end users, government institutes, funding bodies and industry parties to create visibility for their research results, and create partnerships and funding opportunities for their future research initiatives.

LSEC also will reach out to Universities and research institutes to include them as Consortium Partners in both National and European Research programs. We are always open for discussions to participate as a project partner in research projects, or help researchers to find project partners by reaching out to our European network of security organizations, security clusters and research companies.

Being founded by the University of Leuven / K.U. Leuven, LSEC understands the challenges of researchers, and was established to help them connect with the security community.