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Thursday, 19 March 2015 14:55

Cyber Security – Active Defense

CyberSecurity has been a main theme for LSEC for almost two decades. The LSEC expertise varies from policies, system integration, tools and technologies, incident management, forensics, ... to risk management, communication and policy making. 

Visit the CyberSecurity Experts From Home Webinar Series.

LSEC has been a contributing partner to the European Network and Information Security Directive (NIS), and has been a local awareness informer in UK, Luxemburg, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. LSEC Expert Members provide a series of excellent technologies, when implemented and operated correctly support the enterprise environment with early warning, incident management or detection of potential security incidents. 

Join one of our cyber security seminars, or look into one of the many sets of documentation we have collected from different experts in the field over the many years. 

Should you wish to organize an informative session within your organization, to start creating awareness, consider asking one of the LSEC experts to facilitate. 
You can also hire one of our experts to start up an internal awareness campaign, with supporting tools and materials. 

You can call for an event to be set up. With enough attendees, we'll be happy to coordinate the activity in your environment or nearby. 



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