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Cloud Security & SaaSification

Securing the Cloud for effective Enterprise Cloud Computing

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Mobile Security Solutions

Mobile Security Solutions cover a wide range of topics related to the challenges posed by the use of mobile devices in an enterprise or government context.

Mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, phablet, but also portable gaming devices, payment and other functional terminals and many other portable devices using a wireless network. The wireless protocals being used can vary and are usually complementary : GSM, 2-4 and even 5G, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, Zigbee, ... 
Mobile devices are typically running common operations systems such as Android or derived forms of Android such as Wearable Android, IoS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian and some older OS-es in many versions and variations. 

Part of the complexity of the challenges with Mobile devices is the fact that most individuals have a preference for a device based upon taste, budget, functionality and appreciated ease of use, amongst many other parameters. Enterprises are trying to cope with this by setting up a Mobile Device Management program, either disallowing any devices on corporate networks which have not been authorized by the corporate IT / Security divisions. Others have set up platforms allowing to control the business data being hosted on the mobile devices. 

LSEC has a wide based of expertise and experts in the domain, from ensuring protection from the embedded layers to the level of avoiding reverse engineering. 

Some activities being held on the topic : 

End Point Protection, a shift towards End Point Intelligence : http://www.leadersinsecurity.org/events/icalrepeat.detail/2014/06/23/71/-/-.html

Mobile Apps - Major Security and Privacy Developments - 2014 and beyond : http://www.leadersinsecurity.org/events/icalrepeat.detail/2014/06/23/71/-/-.html


Upcoming Mobile Security Events and Seminars : 



Other relevant documentation that can be found. 



Some of the LSEC Expert Members on Mobile Security : 


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LSEC, the European ICT Security Cluster

LSEC is the European ICT Security Cluster. Started in 2012 in Belgium, the cluster is now active in different countries in Europe supporting its members and the development of the cyber security and network and information security market in Europe and beyond. 

In July 2014, the lsec.be website was transformed into a new platform and this migration resulted in a future grade information security knowledge system, and a networking hub. 
Some information which was published on the previous platforrm is still under the process of being tranformed, while latest and newest items are being added on a daily basis.

LSEC is a cluster bringing together SME's, large companies, knowledge institutions, entrepeneurs and security professionals in a community. 

We are a cluster to support the direct link between internationalisation and increased performance of SMEs. International activities reinforce growth, enhance competitiveness and support the long-term sustainability of companies. SMEs need to find the right partners to develop and produce globally competitive products and services. This calls for new forms of international cooperation that are often difficult for individual SMEs to manage on their own.

Clusters can act as real "springboards" for SMEs to help them getting access to global value chains and develop long-term strategic partnerships. SMEs benefit from specialised 
business support services of cluster organisations, such as through the organisation of international study visits, partnering or “matchmaking” missions that facilitate finding 
new partners outside their own region for research and prototyping as well as for bringing products and services to the market.

Cluster organisations can help enterprises, and in particular SMEs, to find international cooperation partners, raise their excellence, innovation capacity and their overall competitiveness.

The LSEC cluster has activities supporting these developments, and a series of reference cases with its members. 

Get in touch and join the cluster as an individual member, a corporate member or a core ict security member.


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