Ulrich Seldeslachts

Ulrich Seldeslachts

CyberSecurity for Agile Manufacturing Deep Dive & update on Wednesday June 15th in Leuven

Part of the TRINITY, ConnectedFactories 2 and IIoTSBOM activities, on Wednesday June 15th, in Leuven a CyberSecurity deep dive session for Agile Manufacturing will take place in Leuven, Kasteelpark 10. 

Join in for an update on CyberSecurity challenges for Manufacturing and how to cope with it, including a deep dive on the analysis and investigations by the COSIC security analysts discovering vulnerabilities in machines and equipment and how they go about. 

Join in the discussion on how to improve the CyberSecurity posture of a manufacturing environment, how to cope with the imminent threat of a ransomware and how to deal with it. 

Visit the event information space and either join in person, or join in for the Zoom webinar to be informed about the ongoing devlopements. 

TRINITY is a European collaboration between Industry and Research partners supporting innovation in Agile Manufacturing. The project has been building over 19 different agile manufacturing demonstrators and financially supported another 40+ over the last three years. The project was supported by the European Commission under the Digital Innovation Hub support program

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Missed this opportunity? Join us again with the Flemish Digihub program supported by LSEC, VOKA and partners in Vlaams Brabant in Belgium for innovation support of up to 70% for digitalization activities.  

After the closing of our first Open Call on 26 April 2022 and the pre-scoring of the numerous projects, we are glad to share some statistics of the received applications.

European SMEs have been numerous to apply, with 111 submitted application involving 240 SMEs from 33 countries, covering all 27 EU-countries, and 6 non-UE countries part of the H2020 agreement (Israel, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, UK & Ukraine). We are proud to have given a chance to entrepreneurs from literally all parts of Europe! 

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The applicants will receive via personal e-mails a first feedback within the next week, after the eligibility check and pre-scoring by the Consortium. The 60 best proposals will then undergo the preliminary evaluation by external experts.

Missed this opportunity? Join us again in February 2023 for the second Open Call. Follow us here or on the project SecurIT-website for information and up to date news. 



LSEC at Flemish Pavillion at RSA 2022

Thanks for meeting us. We have appreciated the many positive reactions to the Belgian chocolates, beers and fries. We added to this long list of excellence also CyberSecurity technologies and solutions. Belgium and Flanders in particular has been a frontrunner in fundamental CyberSecurity technologies for the last three decades and will continue to be so for many years to follow. 

Please visit the up and coming series of events, continuing over the summertime and in 2022 fall and winter both as a webinars or as traditionla face to face events, kicking off with CyberSecurity deep dive for Agile Manufacturing. 




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Computing on Encrypted Data the series continued 

Computing on encrypted data is an activity by LSEC together with KU Leuven supported by the Flemish Government (VLAIO) to facilitate the uptake and use of techologies allowing to innovate with data encryption. The aim is mainly to promote the use of Secure Multiparty Computation and Fully Homomorphic Encryption, amongst other technologies. This activity started at the end of 2020 with inspirational seminars and collective innovation support of security technology companies in Flanders.  

In COED we'll continue to identify, support and disseminate existing and up and comping use cases, and support companies trying to implement the technologies in their innovative products and services, or companies as end users trying to protect and compute on the personal data of their employees, partners and customers; or on industrial shared data. 

Please visit the up and coming series of events, starting again on March 30th as a webinar, kicking off with Microsoft on Confidential Computing. 

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EU CybersecConference 2022

Meet LSEC and the SecurIT-team for Q&A on the Open Call 1 on March 24th in Brussels.

Join us for the 9th CyberSecurity Conference organized by forum Europe with the support of LSEC and ECSO. 

In the hybrid conference, many policy-oriented topics will be elaborated including the implementation of the new CyberAct, the SOC-operations and the related incident response interactions. Identify and request individual meetings with potential partners for the SecurIT Open Call. Meet with potential security infrastructure end users to allow for your demonstrator to be showcased. For more information on the project, visit the SecurIT-project website.

Visit the webinar-recordings of the Conferene on the Forum Europe youtube channel  CyberSecurity Conference 2022.

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Join the second matchmaking day on March 17th, to meet up with potential partners for the SecurIT Open Call funding for innovations.

The second matchmaking session will take place online on March 17th between -13:30h and 16.30h. 
Meet your potential business partner(s), that might become your innovation partners for the SecurIT Open Call, and be offered up to 88k EUR to build prototypes or demonstrators. 

Create a profile on the matchmaking platform profiling your expertise, the solution you are developing and what you might be looking for in terms of partner. 

Identify and request individual meetings with potential partners thanks to our dedicated platform. Each meeting will last 20 min maximum. For more information on the project, visit the SecurIT-project website.

Visit the webinar-recording of the first Open Call on the LSEC Securit-project page.



A team of three Flemish technology and services companies and three research groups have started working on the APAX project. A two-year project, Automated Posture Analysis that Scales (APAX) will investigate the risks related to the digital presence of online assets in an automated manner that can adapt itself to the requirements of hyper scaling. The goal of the project is to achieve a higher level of cybersecurity and avoid negative impact from vulnerabilities such as Log4J by maximising the usage of automated processes.

Industry project partners Awingu, Ceeyu and Toreon will join forces to research, explore and build technologies thanks to a cybersecurity funding initiative from VLAIO, the Flemish government agency for innovation and entrepreneurship. The three companies will apply ongoing research and inspire academics for future work to help automate the analysis of threats and challenges in cybersecurity. They will do so using the expertise from research partners VUB Software Languages Lab and VUB Artificial Intelligence Lab, together with industry association LSEC.

For more information and the complete information release : APAX announcement

About AwinguCeeyuToreonThe VUB Software Languages Lab and the VUB Artificial Intelligence Lab

For more information on the LSEC contributions to the project and to stay connected over its result, please visit the LSEC APAX project page and the up and coming APAX-website. 


Monday, 20 December 2021 08:35

(01.01.2022) LSEC turning 20 in 22




Two decades ago, a group of information security experts out of Flanders, Belgium decided to create an asociation to create and support a network of experts, to support the development of the domain and to help innovating in the space. The year was 2002. Just ample time before, the same group of experts introduced the AES encryption algorythm and the electronic identity card (eID card) into this world. What started with a small team of motivated individuals, seven supporting companies and a university turned into a group of over 800 industrial entities working on CyberSecurity and reaching out to over 15.000 organizations. LSEC today still works to create awareness and motivate individuals and organizations in improving their CyberSecurity postures, activities, organisation, processes and procedures on a daily basis. We provide insights, technical expertise and access to experts. LSEC supports its members in helping them to innovate with technologies to improve their products and services. LSEC facilitates interactions between its Members and motivates exchange of expertise on international basis. In 2022 and beyond we will continue doing so, supporting our Members getting access to customers and to experts, getting access to expertise and to resources, trying to mature the overall society by its private and public citizens, showcasing new ways to improve CyberSecurity and indicating where things go wrong. After two decades our societal role has only grown together with the intensitiy of its main subject : ensuring a digital life, but in a secure and efficient manner. CyberSecurity should continue to be an enabler to today's digital transactions, but also in an ethical and economic viable way. We continue to search for innovative technologies, methods and methodologies supporting this vision alongside a continuously challenging environment of basic electronic sanity, organised crime and other cybercrime, old and new vulnerabilities and exploitations of physical and electronic systems operating applications and transforming information and data. Everyday CyberSecurity becomes more complex, but the same day tens and hundreds of talented youngster are being educated in the various domains of interesting CyberSecurity topics. Over the next years we aim to reach again to thousands of CyberSecurity professionals, helping them improving their expertise, knowledge and skills in improving CyberSecurity and inspiring them to further mature the organizations they operate in. By innovating, we will continue to make our digital world and the society as a whole a better and safer place for all. Join us during our activities in 2022 and beyond, and join the community by participating actively and supporting and inspiring its further growth. Thanks to all for your 20 years of support!





Visit the webinar-recording of the first Open Call on the LSEC Securit-project page.

LSEC participates in the the next three years in a project to financially support innovative CyberSecurity companies in Europe. SecurIT is a European project aiming at supporting and co-financing the development of collaborative projects allowing prototyping and experimentation of top-notch technological solutions in the field of Security, with respect of the nowadays ethics, legal, and social challenges.

SecurIT will support 63 best-in-class projects developped by 126 SMEs across Europe, through 2 cascade funding open calls, with a financing up to 74 k€ per prototyping projects and 88 k€ per demonstrator projects.

First Open Call for projects: From January to March 2022 

  • Second Open Call for projects: From February 2023 to April 2023 (TBC)

Safe ClusterPôle SCSLSEC, Belgium, L3CE, Lithuania, Hague Security Delta (HSD), The Netherlands, Systematic Paris-Région, France, CenSec, Denmark, FundingBox, Poland



On October 24th,  the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepeneurship VLAIO announced the approval for COOCK IIoTSBOM.


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According to different research organisations CyberSecurity challenges are continuously increasing, despite major authority interventions and different measures being taken in an atempt to fight the perpetrators and criminals behind them. A recent report on the continuous study by Blackfog showed the continued increase in ransomware attacks and the increased success of attacks resulting into major incidents throughout the world. Different sectors and industries are being impacted, none the least in Europe and in industrial sectors, healthcare and utilities. But all sectors impacted are digitizing at a vast pace, utilizing devices and equipment which are being connected. While this trend is encouraging for organisational efficiency, the systems used and underlying technologies should become more resilient against potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited and attacked. 

IIoTSBOM aims to support end user organisations, machine and device manufacturers to further improve their security measures by supporting them with valuable knowledge and expertise in specific innovative cybersecurity means for Industrial IoT and IoT and by introducing the Software and Security Bill of Materials (SBOM). 

In a collaboration with the CyberSecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency  (CISA) of the US government, LSEC - Leaders In Security, KU Leuven COSIC and Flanders Make have launched the initiative in Flanders to ensure awareness and adoption of the Software Bill of Materials initiatives. On May 12th, the Whitehouse by means of an executive order decided on the further improvement of the CyberSecurity infrastructures also focusing on the supply chain by means of the Software Bill of Materials. 

Next to technical measures for improvements of CyberSecurity in the software and devices, the Software and Security Bill of Materials aims to support companies developing devices to create a ledger about the software on the equipment, providing more transparency about the technologies being used and their respective versioning. This allows both vendor, system integrator and the final end user and their operators to get a better grip on the equipment they are procuring and need to operationalizer over time. 

Earlier successes in this approach have been proven in the healthcare and automotive domains and will be demonstrated throughout the activities of the IIoTSBOM project. 

The IIoTSBOM project will promote the available technical and CyberSecurity expertise to a broad group of target audiences and aims to facilitate the use of SBOMs for device manfucturing by supporting end users in their procurement; device and equipment manufacturers in their product lifecycle management for CyberSecurity and CyberSecurity innovators in developing tools and technologies improving CyberSecurity and the SBOM-proces. 

The resulting effect will be a better CyberSecurity Posture of the whole society.

On December 8th from 10am to 4pm, IIoTSBOM will organize a hybrid kick-off meeting with a focus on CyberSecurity challenges for industry, for manufacturing and how CyberSecurity methods and solutions can help both end users and device manufacturers improving on the security for a more secure supply chain. For more information and the agenda, please visit the events page and go to the developing IIoTSBOM.com website

Participating is free, after using the following registration link 

For more information, contact us at iiotsbom at lsec.eu, or call directly at +32 16 79 8585. 


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