LSEC and organized as part of the TRINITY project a first Cybersecurity for Robotics workshop at the ERF 2019 in Bucharest. 

This workshop aims at providing a holistic perspective on cybersecurity challenges and solutions related to robotics, identifying current state of the art and requirements for further research and developments.

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We’ll look into this topic in terms of technological components up to programming, systems integrations, daily operations, maintenance, management and supervisory control and safety. Workshop will be grading cybersecurity challenges for robotics according to participants in order to identify interest and awareness of robotics research experts. We’ll start with an introduction by the DIH Trinity on Cybersecurity for robotics state of play followed by interactive groups of 6 participants working 10 minutes on specific challenges related to components, producers, integration, programming, application development, supervisory control and incidents. TRINITY DIHSuggestions being driving towards State of the Art and future research requirements. Plenary reporting and debate on deciding priorities with cybersecurity specialists. Three to Five main topics as results and related research groups identified, potential validation partners joining.

This session will be providing guidance and insights in the current level of cybersecurity for mainly industrial robots, looking towards expertise of other robotic domains for cybersecurity. Following this, participants will be invited to share their experiences and expertise in research, projects and field experiences on cybersecurity. Discussions will consider cybersecurity technologies used, existing vulnerabilities that can be exploited, security system architectectures, limitations and opportunities, industrial standards applicable and developing standards, impact on safety and security, and other aspects.

An overview about the TRINITY project on TRINITY ERF2019.


Friday 22th March, 14:00-15:30


1.     cybersecurity for robots introduction & discussion

2.     workshop participants perspectives

3.     types of robots covered introduction & discussion

4.     cybersecurity challenges introduction & discussion

5.     state of the art in cybersecurity for robotics and applicable cybersecurity research introduction & discussion


6.     Defining gaps for further research & developments


Participants will be invited to contribute to a paper on the state of the art of cybersecurity for robotics research and development. Participants will be able to leave with a first impression on the current state of the art of cybersecurity for robotics.


Ulrich Seldeslachts, TRINITY – LSEC – cybersecurity for robots introduction & discussion

Bernhard Dieber, Joaneum Research – state of the art in cybersecurity research for robotics

Garazi Juez Uriagereka, Tecnalia – eITUS project activities

Fabio Martinelli, CNR – ECSO – state of the art of cybersecurity research

Endika Gil Uriarte, David Mayoral, Alias Robotics – the state of the art on cybersecurity




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